Art & Science Fund Grants

July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 Grant Application

Guidelines & Instructions for General Operating Support Grants

Application Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2019, 11:30pm


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Section I – Introduction

Flagstaff Arts Council is dedicated to providing opportunities in the arts, sciences and culture.  Arts Council serves as the granting agency for City of Flagstaff funds including the Bed, Board, and Beverage tax funds allocated to support local arts, science, and cultural organizations and their projects.

Arts Council invites non-profit organizations to submit proposals for arts, science, and cultural activities taking place in the immediate Flagstaff area between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, through the Art & Science Fund grant program.


This document is for General Operating Support (GOS) Grants. ONLY organizations whose mission statement clearly defines them as arts, cultural and/or science-based institutions are eligible to apply for this funding. GOS applicants must be IRS-approved 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations registered with the State of Arizona that provide a direct public benefit to the community of Flagstaff, as stated in the applicant’s mission statement. All GOS applicant organizations must have a managing board that meets regularly, whose members serve without compensation and are representative of the community they serve.

GOS Applications from organizations that do not meet the above description will be rejected. Do NOT apply in this category if:

    • Your organization has a majority of its activities outside of the scope of arts, cultural or science based programming, and/or,
    • Your organization is using a fiscal agent, and/or,
    • Your organization is a post-secondary education institution

If your organization meets any of these descriptions, it may be eligible for a Project Support Grant, according to the instructions in the Grants section of the Arts Council website.

Mission Statements

Flagstaff Arts Council mission: Flagstaff Arts Council promotes, strengthens and advocates for the arts in our community.

Art & Science Fund Mission: The Mission of the Art & Science Fund Committee is to responsibly and effectively invest the City’s resources to benefit residents and visitors through excellence in artistic, scientific, and cultural programming.

Goals of the Art & Science Fund

The goals of Flagstaff Arts Council Art & Science Fund are:

  • To enhance the quality of life for Flagstaff residents and visitors through community-based artistic, scientific, and cultural activities.
  • To provide financial support through the distribution of the City’s funds to nonprofit organizations committed to providing high quality artistic, scientific, and cultural programming in Flagstaff.
  • To assist organizations in developing excellence in nonprofit organizational management, and in the programming of arts, science and cultural activities.
  • To stimulate public and private support for and a sense of community among nonprofit organizations dedicated to artistic, cultural, and scientific achievement in Flagstaff.
  • To increase opportunities for community-based experiences in arts, cultural and science endeavors.
  • To support the development of new and emerging nonprofit organizations dedicated to artistic, scientific, and cultural achievement.


Our offices are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. If you have questions about Art & Science Fund grants or the application process, first read this entire document carefully. If you need assistance, email or call 928-779-2300, option 8.

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Section II – Eligibility

Who Can Apply

Organizations with mission statements that clearly define them as arts, cultural and/or science-based institutions are eligible to apply for this funding. GOS applicants must be IRS-approved 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations registered with the State of Arizona that provide a direct public benefit to the residents of and visitors to the greater Flagstaff area, as stated in the applicant’s mission statement. Applicants may apply once for GOS grant funding in this cycle.

“Greater Flagstaff area” is defined as the regional area in and around Flagstaff, Arizona, roughly based on the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO) map shown here. The majority of the applicant organization’s activities should take place within this area.

Organizations that are eligible and applying for General Operating Support in this grant cycle may submit one separate application for Project Support with a maximum request of $5,000 (please read the Project Support Guidelines & Instructions document). Applicants for these grants must show that the proposed project is outside the scope of the organization’s regular programmatic activity and serves a different or larger audience than its typical programming.

Additionally, organizations that are eligible and applying for General Operating Support in this grant cycle may submit one separate application for a Professional Development grant with a maximum request of $2,000.

We do NOT fund:

  • Organizations that were funded by the Arts Council in the last two years but failed to file a final report by the deadline
  • Individuals
  • K-12 schools or projects that primarily serve K-12 schools
  • Projects by for-profit entities
  • Projects involving the construction of facilities
  • Debt reduction
  • Fundraising projects or events (this means that a proposed project for Project Application funding cannot be designed to raise funds for the organization.)
  • Scholarships, awards, and re-granting
  • Capital expenditures
  • Lobbying expenses
  • Projects by post secondary educational institutions that serve primarily student and/or faculty populations and do not serve the greater Flagstaff community
  • Activities that do not directly serve the residents and visitors to the immediate Flagstaff area
  • Fiscal agent fees in excess of 5% of the awarded grant amount

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Section III – Funding Availability

GOS grants are used at the discretion of the recipients, within the limits of laws governing the use of public funds. These funds can be used to cover administrative and/or program costs including salaries, facilities, travel, equipment, supplies, training, membership, and specific program activities.

Approved applicants are eligible to receive grant funding no less than $1,000, and no more than $35,000. Funding is based on a percentage of the applicant’s total expenditures from the most recent completed fiscal year shown in their CDP financial report. No organization may receive funding that is in excess of 40% of the organization’s total expenditures in the most recent fiscal year. Email Kris @ if you need help identifying your eligibility request amount.

Applicants approved for GOS funding will receive grant funds in either four separate and equal quarterly payments, or two quarterly payments scheduled nearest to the dates of primary activity. These payments will be made in August and October 2019, and January and April 2020, and are scheduled based on the availability of funds.

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Section IV – Alternate Year Applicants

Each year, the Arts Council chooses applicants from amongst last year’s highest-ranking GOS applications to be invited to complete abbreviated Alternate Year Applications. Applicants chosen for Alternate Year Applications are NOT guaranteed funding, nor are they guaranteed the same amount of funding as they received in the prior fiscal year grant cycle; however, their ranking score from last year is carried forward to this year.

If circumstances change, such as significant changes in the organization’s leadership, the Arts Council may choose to require a full application of any applicant listed below, with notice at least 30 days prior to the application deadline.

This year (for 2019-2020 applications), Alternate Year Applicants are:

Theatrikos Theatre Company
Lowell Observatory
Museum of Northern Arizona
Orchestra of Northern Arizona
Flagstaff Community Band

These organizations should complete ONLY the Alternate Year Application in the CommunityGrants portal. Do NOT complete the GOS Application. Alternate Year Applicants must complete a new DataArts/Cultural Data Project profile for their most recently completed fiscal year as part of their application. Alternate Year applicants may choose to turn in a full application if they wish to improve upon their score. If your organization is listed as an Alternate Year applicant, but you wish to turn in a full application, you must receive written approval from Flagstaff Arts Council by February 28, 2019.  Please contact Kris Kosola at (928) 779-2300 x105, or   

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Section V – Grantee Responsibilities

Liability Insurance

Upon signing a service agreement for funding, the grantee must provide two separate Certificate of Liability Insurance forms showing proof of liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000. One document must name the Flagstaff Arts Council as additional insured. A separate document must name the City of Flagstaff as additional insured. Be sure to include the cost of this insurance in your organization’s budget.


After awarding a grant, the Arts Council may audit the grantee’s records, at any time, to verify that the grantee is complying with the terms, conditions, and requirements of the contract. The Arts Council may require that the applicant organization pay for the cost of the audit.


Funded organizations must acknowledge the support of Flagstaff Arts Council and the City of Flagstaff – BBB Revenues in advertisements and promotional materials. The Flagstaff Arts Council’s logo and the City of Flagstaff’s BBB logo must be used when possible and can be obtained on the Arts Council website ( Detailed requirements for this acknowledgment will be provided with the service agreement upon acceptance of grant funding.

Recipients of Art & Science Fund grants will also be required to show the logo for on the recipient organization’s webpage associated with the funded project (if applicable), and the logo must link to is the comprehensive online calendar of events for Flagstaff; it is a free service provided in partnership between the City of Flagstaff and Flagstaff Arts Council. Detailed information about this will be provided in grant award packets in July 2019.

Report Requirements

All applicants that were funded in the last two years must submit a final report through the online grant portal by the stated deadline in the contract for that grant. The Final Report instructions will be emailed out to the application contact listed after the completion of the funded fiscal year.

Applicants funded in the 2018-2019 grant cycle must submit a final report by August 15, 2019. cycles. If the Arts Council does not receive either of these final reports by the due date, the organization may lose current year funding and will not be eligible for funding in future grant cycles.

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Section VI – Schedule 

All activities and meetings take place at the Coconino Center for the Arts, 2300 N. Fort Valley Road, Flagstaff, Arizona, unless otherwise noted. All meetings listed herein are open to the public; however, public comments will not be allowed during Committee and Board meetings.

  • Grant Guidelines Published:  no later than February 1, 2019
    Art & Science Fund Guidelines and Applications are announced and published on the Arts Council’s website at The online application system is open and applicants can begin working on their applications.
  • MANDATORY Information Session: Guide to Art & Science Fund Grants

Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 5:00pm

Or Wednesday, February 13, 2019. 5:00pm
At this workshop, Arts Council staff will provide information about this year’s Art & Science Fund grant program. It is necessary that a representative of the organization (preferably the grant writer) is in attendance.

  • Grant Applications Due: Friday, March 29, 2019, by 11:30pm
    All grant applications must be submitted in the Arts Council’s CommunityGrants online portal no later than Friday, March 29, 2019, at 11:30pm. Late applications will not be accepted.

    Please note: only online submissions of applications will be accepted.
  • Art & Science Fund Committee Meeting: Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at 5:00pm
    The Committee meets for the first time to receive applications and review eligibility.
  • Applicant Presentations to Art & Science Fund Committee:
    Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 5:00-8:30pm, and
    Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 5:00-8:30pm
    Attendance by a representative of your organization at your scheduled presentation is REQUIRED; failure to attend will result in the AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION of your grant application.

    Each eligible grant applicant will give a four (4) minute presentation to the Art & Science Fund Committee, followed by a four (4) minute period for questions and answers. You may make verbal clarifications, report any new developments within your organization since the application date, and distribute any brochures. No rewrites of the application or budget forms will be accepted. No further information will be accepted after the presentation. It is important that you bring representatives who are knowledgeable about your organization, your application and your project finances.

An Arts Council staff member will contact you by email to schedule your presentation time during the dates/times listed. No appointments are available; applicants agree to be available for both May 21 and 28 by submitting an application.


  • Art & Science Fund Committee Meeting: Saturday, June 8, 2019, 9:00am-4:00pm
    The Committee reviews, discusses and ranks all applications.
  • Art & Science Fund Committee Meeting:  Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 5:00-7:00pm
    The Committee meets for a final review and to make funding allocation recommendations.
  • Arts Council Board of Directors Meeting:  Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 4:30-6:00pm
    The Arts Council Board of Directors meets to review and approve the final allocation of the Art & Science Fund.
  • Notification of Grant Awards: no later than Tuesday, July 2, 2019
    Notification letters are emailed to all applicant organizations.  Please note: notification will be sent by electronic mail ONLY. Notification of awards is dependent upon final allocation and approval of funding to the Art & Science Fund through the City of Flagstaff.
  • Signed Contracts due: Thursday, August 15, 2019, by 5:00pm
    Grant award packets and contracts are sent out via email to funded applicants mid-July. Signed contracts and documents must be returned to the Arts Council by August 15.
  • Grantee Celebration – late August 2019
    The Arts Council will host a celebration for the 2019-2020 grant recipients. Grant recipients are required to attend this Grant Award Celebration in late August to receive funding.
  • Previous Year Final Reports Due: Thursday, August 15, 2019
    All recipients of Art & Science Fund grants in last year’s program (FY 2018-19) must submit their final reports by August 15, 2019. Failure to submit final reports on time will result in termination of funding for the FY 2019-20 program, and may additionally make an organization ineligible for future grant funding.


Final Reports Due: Friday, August 14, 2020

  • All applicants who are funded in the 2019-2020 grant cycle must submit a final report by August 14, 2020. Additionally, financial reports must be delivered to the Arts Council through the Cultural Data Project at a date to be announced later. Final reports in this cycle will be submitted online.

    Failure to submit final reports on time will result in termination of funding for the current year, and may additionally make an organization ineligible for future grant funding.

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Section VI – Review Criteria and Procedure

The Art & Science Fund grant committee consists of up to 10 volunteers who are citizens of Flagstaff. The majority of Committee members are not members of the Arts Council Board and not affiliated with the Flagstaff Arts Council in any other capacity. These volunteer committee members read, review and rank all applications and determine funding allocations for the Art & Science Fund.

The committee considers the following criteria when ranking applications:

    • Quality of Programming / Scope of Work
      The organization exhibits quality in art, culture and/or science programs
      Organization’s programming fits Art & Science Fund goals
      Scope of work is relevant to the larger industry of art, culture and/or science
      Organization contributes to the quality of life in Flagstaff
      Organization utilizes qualified artists and/or experts with a proven record of quality
    • Public Benefits / Community Outreach
      Organization provides direct public benefit to Flagstaff area residents and/or visitors
      Organization has an effective marketing and outreach approach
      Evidence of community involvement in organization planning
      Organization does not replicate services in the community
    • Administrative and Leadership Capacity
      Strong leadership with proven track record of success
      Board is representative of the community and serves without compensation
      Organizational capacity to raise funds and acquire resources to carry out project
      Evidence of strategic planning
      Expertise in given art, culture or science field appropriate to programming
    • Financial Status and Fiscal Management
      Evidence of controls to ensure proper management of funds
      Board involvement in financial oversight and accountability
      Organization is in a strong financial position
      Submitted financials connect to and make sense with the submitted narrative

    All announced grant awards are subject to change by the Arts Council based on the availability of Bed, Board and Beverage (BBB) Revenues as approved by the City Council for the City of Flagstaff.

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Section VII – DataArts

Fire Flakes by Brittany Eekhoff

DataArts, formerly the Cultural Data Project, was founded to bring the language and leverage of data to the business of culture. The Cultural Data Profile (CDP) is DataArts’ flagship service, which thousands of cultural nonprofits use annually to report their financial and programmatic information. DataArts seeks to be a catalyst for data-informed decision-making.

Flagstaff Arts Council requires all GOS applicants to complete Data Profiles through the

DataArts website ( ) Your organization’s CDP  for your three most recently completed fiscal years must have a status of Complete by the deadline for this grant: March 29, 2018.

Once your three CDP’s are complete, follow these instructions  to download and save your Funder Report as a .pdf document for use in uploading as part of your online application to the Flagstaff Arts Council.

Complete instructions are on the DataArts website. You can reach their Support Center at 877-707- DATA (877-707-3282) or by email at for additional support.

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Section VII – How To Apply Online

Applications for the Art & Science Fund will be accepted online only. Applications must be submitted through this online program by Friday, March 29, 2019, by 11:30pm Arizona Time. Late applications will not be accepted.

The application requires that applicants use standardized Arts Council forms to provide the list of organization staff and organization Board of Directors. Applicants will download the forms from the Arts Council website, complete the forms, save them as .pdf format and then upload the completed saved .pdf form into the CommunityGrants online application portal where instructed. Use of Arts Council forms is REQUIRED – no other format will be accepted.

Key Staff Member Roster

Board of Directors Roster

It is strongly recommended that applicants submit their proposals at least two days prior to the stated deadline of March 29, 2019. This helps to ensure that, should you encounter any issues and need technical assistance, Arts Council staff and customer support will be available to assist you prior to the application deadline.

The online CommunityGrants portal for grant applications allows the user to save work and return to the application later. However, the program does not have a spell-check functionality. We recommend that users write and edit their application answers offline in a word processing software program such as Microsoft Word, and then copy/paste each answer into the online system. This will also ensure that a back-up copy of all your work is saved should any technical difficulties arise with online access.

To register to use the CommunityGrants online portal:

    1. First-time users: You must first contact Arts Council staff to receive a username and password to log in to the CommunityGrants online portal (if you have a username and password from last year, skip this step). Call us at (928) 779-2300 during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm). Primary staff contacts for this is Kris Kosola. Your username and password will be sent by email to you.
    2. Visit to login. Enter your username and password you received by email, then click “Login.”
    3. Click on the large “Apply” circle button, or click on “Funding Opportunities” at the top. Once you do, you will see the three types of applications for which you can apply: 1) General Operating Support, 2) Project Support, and 3) Alternate Year. Click “apply” next to the application you wish to submit.
    4. Click “apply now,” then click “start application.”
    5. You are in the application, and may begin entering information. On the left side, there is a navigation list of the sections for the application. Be sure to save your application frequently. Your application saves whenever you click “Previous Section” or “Next Section.” Alternatively, you may click “Save Draft,” although that button saves and takes you out of the application.
    6. You will be required to upload certain documents to complete your application. Please note that documents must be in .pdf format.

    Once you have entered information in all required fields in all sections, the “Submit Funding Application” button will become active to click. Please note: once you click “Submit Funding Application” your application will be submitted and no longer available to edit or change.

Our offices are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. If you have questions about the online CommunityGrants portal, you can call (928) 779-2300, and ask for Kris. Questions may also be submitted to and/or