Fires of Change Theme

Fires of Change aims to explore how fire as an ecosystem process is impacted by climate change and societal development. By facilitating conversation and learning among and between land managers, scientists, and artists, this project will inspire artwork that addresses themes surrounding wildfire, land management, and climate change.

Ultimately, the exhibition will enable audiences to associate climate change and fire with a more visceral, personal sense of what the future holds for Northern Arizona based on the best scientific evidence available, through the unique perspective of artists.

Audiences will gain an understanding of fire’s role in the ecosystem and how climate change may affect this, and of the need and value in managing for resiliency and fire in Northern Arizona forests.


Standing at the Fire’s Edge by Shawn Skabelund


The Role of Artists

Artists participating in Fires of Change will attend 2 or 3 full-day educational workshops. In the workshops, artists will learn directly from scientists and land managers about wildfire and its effects on the environment. Artists will learn how changing climate is impacting the spread and number of wildfires in the region, as well as how fire is managed. Workshops will take place in the field as well as in the classroom.

The workshops will be scheduled for late summer and fall of 2014. From their experiences in the workshops, artists will create new works of art for inclusion in the Fires of Change exhibition, to be held in September/ October 2015 at the Coconino Center for the Arts.


Participating artists will be compensated based upon available funding for the program. The amount of compensation will not be known until artists are selected in May 2014. Compensation may be limited to materials costs; however, it may be more substantial. If you have questions about this, please contact John Tannous at (928) 779-2300 x101.

Important Information

  • A panel of local artists and scientists will select the participating artists from the applications submitted.
  • The Fires of Change exhibition will be invitational only, limited to artists invited by the panel and Flagstaff Arts Council.
  • 8 to 10 artists will be selected to participate. The panel will choose one or more Native American artists and one or more out-of-state artist to participate. Other artists selected will be Arizona-based artists, with preference given to those residing in Northern Arizona.
  • Opportunities will be available for invited artists to provide lectures, presentations, and other educational programs to the public during the run of the exhibition. Arts Council staff will work with each invited artist to select artwork for the exhibition from the body of work the artist creates for this program.
  • All artwork must remain on display throughout the duration of the exhibition.
  • Commission on artwork sold is 30%.
  • Artists will retain all artwork that does not sell after the exhibition ends.
  • Artwork must be ready to hang and display. The artist should include specific instructions for any unusual display methods.


Call for Artists published: Feb., 2014
Application Postmark Deadline: April 15, 2014
Notification to Applicants: May 30, 2014

Dates below are approximate and will be finalized upon selection of artists:

Workshops: Late summer and fall 2014, and spring 2015
Artwork Images for Publicity: February 2015
Artwork Delivery: TBA, August 2015
Opening Reception: September 19 or 26, 2015
Exhibition Open: mid-September – October, 2015

Application Guidelines

This opportunity has closed.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Hellstern, (928) 779-2300 x104.