October 28, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Coconino Center for the Arts

The Thriving Artist Series was developed by Phoenix based visual artist Antoinette Cauley as a tool for artists looking to go from working full time corporate jobs to becoming a full time working artist. The series gives a well rounded understanding of what it takes to run a successful art business and maintain a steady income independently as an artist.

Part One: Taking the Leap & Making a Plan During this workshop, Antoinette will share her story of working a full time job to quitting and launching a full time art career and being named Best Local Artist by Arizona Foothills Magazine. She will take you through building her brand and the steps she took and provide resources that help gain her independence as an artist. Some of the topics include how to transition from a 9-5 to running a business, building a network and overcoming doubt and fear.

Part Two: Merchandising & Generating Revenue – This workshop will cover effective branding tools and how to turn artwork into sellable merchandise. Antoinette will cover selling techniques as well as provide resources for local merchandise production companies. This portion will also cover several creative ways to generate multiple revenue streams as an independent artist. Often artists feel the only way to make money is through selling their original artwork. There are actually so many untapped avenues for artists to gain capitol. Antoinette will go into detail on how to find these different avenues and secure consistent income through these revenue streams.

This workshop is designed to be interactive and for artists to be able to ask questions throughout the presentation.

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Price: $90/members, and $95/non-members

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About Antoinette Cauley

From an early age, Antoinette found comfort and security in her set of pencils and sketch pad. Art seemed to be the only thing that ever made sense to Antoinette. Her ability to create art was the only real sense of stability she found as a youth. She knew that she had been given a special gift to create and that one day she could use it to change lives.

Being a Phoenix native, Antoinette’s work is very reflective of her city- the gritty and the beautiful. Her work is heavily influenced by rap music and hip hop culture with a focus on social injustice and politics. Currently Antoinette works as a full time artist in her studio in Phoenix, Arizona. She also works with youth ages 5-18, teaching art classes that focus on drawing, painting and color theory.

Antoinette was named the 2017 Best Local Artist by the AZ Foothills Magazine.  She developed The Thriving Artist Series to help artists of all mediums understand the business aspects of being a professional working artist. The workshop is open to artists of all skill level and backgrounds. As a full time working artist, Antoinette brings a wealth of knowledge that can inspire and aid any artist along their artistic journey.

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