February 1, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – February 3, 2019 @ 9:00 pm
Coconino Center for the Arts

Join Garrison Garcia and the Flagstaff Arts Council in a two- weekend acting intensive with Theater of the Oppressed.  There are 6 days of workshops on Feb. 1-3 and Feb 8-10, 2019. Participants will explore and experiment with dynamics of systemic power and oppression through theater and improvisation. Theater of the Oppressed (TO) was originated by Brazilian visionary Augusto Boal and has become a highly engaging and participatory tool used worldwide for social and political activism, conflict resolution, community building, therapy, and government legislation. Individuals interested in utilizing expressive arts to examine social justice issues are ideal participants. The culmination of this workshop will be a community forum play, intended to engage the audience in participation and sharing ideas about how to navigate the issues identified throughout the course of the workshop.

Theater of the Oppressed takes a unique approach to creating plays: the intention is to leave the scene unresolved and incomplete. The audience should be left with questions after watching the play, pondering, “What would I do in that situation?” and “How would I navigate those circumstances differently?” When presented in a forum theater environment, the plays are shown twice. First, they are seen in their entirety as the troupe devised and intended them to be seen. After the first showing concludes, the facilitator described the forum process to the audience and encourages them to participate in the next showing by replacing the protagonist and trying a new tactic. During the second showing, when an audience member freezes the action on stage by raising their hand and exclaiming “Stop!”, the facilitator assists in bringing that person into the play. The audience volunteer – a person who moves from spectator to spect-Actor – is then infused into the scene in hopes of finding a different outcome for the protagonist.

Theater of the Oppressed is powerful because it involves the community in partnership for active problem solving focused on universally relatable and impactful issues. It’s a way to practice for the future. By involving the audience in the process of taking action, Theater of the Oppressed mobilizes and encourages participation in the process of searching for solutions and alternatives, and inspires community collaboration in personal and systemic conflict resolution.

Dates: TWO WEEKENDS! February 1-3 and February 8-10, 2019

Pricing: Early bird price before Jan. 20: $250 /After Jan. 20: $275

Register today for all 6 sessions of Theater of the Oppressed taking place over two consecutive weekends, 3 days each.  Sessions are from Feb. 1-3 and Feb 8-10, 2019. Specific times are: Feb. 1, 6-9pm, Feb. 2, 9am- 4pm, Feb. 3, 9a-1p, Feb. 8, 6-9pm, Feb. 9, 9a-4p and performance 6-8p, Feb. 10, 10a-12p. 

To inquire about a scholarship, email evogler@flagartscouncil.org by Jan. 11 for more information.


For more information or questions, call 928-779-2300.