April 9, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Coconino Center for the Arts

This is a basic one-day class in which students will learn to safely mat and mount their artwork or photographs. Once an artist has completed a work on paper, the next steps to present and preserve that art is just as important as the creation. In order to professionally show watercolors, prints or photographs we must mat and mount them to show them to their best advantage. These same mats will also protect and preserve our art–but only if done correctly with archival materials.

The Mat & Mount Art workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Importance and selection of archival materials that will preserve the art that we are presenting.
  • Methods of presenting work.
  • Straight cuts for foam backing board and outside edges of mat board.
  • Bevel cuts for mat window openings–standard and reverse bevels.
  • Mounting of art on backer board.
  • Calculations for sizes of window openings.
  • Float mounting
  • Hinging backer board to mat board
  • Selection of mat cutters should student wish to purchase equipment for their studio use.
  • Options for glazing artwork (acrylic and glass cutting not covered in class, but students should know what to ask for in a frame shop)
From Devils Bridge Trail

From Devils Bridge Trail

About the Instructor

Deb Strong Napple is a synesthete whose work removes barriers between thinking and feeling, seeing and hearing, printmaking and painting, landscape and abstract. Napple’s pieces are journeys of intense emotion composed of color and form that free participants’ imaginations.

As a synesthetic artist Napple hears musical notes and tones while painting landscapes en plein air, and she has been further blessed with color as an emotional language.

Deb’s work is not limited to any particular medium. Rather, she combines her gifts to create evocative prints, paintings, and other works in her studio through a poetic process that expresses emotional dimensions through visual means.

There is a $95 fee for this workshop with an additional $25 required for materials. Therefore, the total cost is $120.

This class will consist of 6 hours of teaching, with a one hour lunch break. Students will mat and mount 2 pieces of art to fit a frame 16”x20” or under.

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