January 27, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Coconino Center for the Arts

Julie Sullivan for Shine Creative Industries

The Arts Council is pleased to present this Branding Excellence Workshop with Graphic Design/ Marketing expert Julie Sullivan, as part of the ArtBox Institute. In this full-day workshop, local business owner, Julie Sullivan, will present branding concepts to artists and non profits, who will learn to better establish themselves and businesses to greater audiences.

“Branding is what we do best. And for us, branding is much more than visual window-dressing or a quick spray on finish. In today’s multi-tasking, multi-platform, multi-media world, your brand needs to work hard for you on many levels and in a variety of media.” -Shine Creative Industries (Julie Sullivan Design.)

The workshop is intended for artists, staff, Board, and volunteers from non-profit and for profit organizations in any sector. Pricing is $40 for Arts Council Members / $45 General, please register in advance to secure your spot.

This workshop is for those who love what they do, but need to better understand how to effectively market themselves and their businesses to achieve their goals.

Morning Session

Does your business have an identity crisis?

  • Introductions, Overview and Assessment

Why a thoughtful and thorough branding process is critical to your business’s success

  • Do you love it?

Discussion about why you do what you do

  • What are your true goals?

Discussion on Money, Time & Fame

  • Do you have a mission statement?

Exercise on crafting a new mission statement or refining an existing one

  • Do you know how to effectively talk about what you do?

Exercise on creating an authentic statement that generates excitement and interest

Q & A

Afternoon Session

What’s in a name?

  • Exploration of your business name and tagline

Does your name serve you?

Does your name effectively say what you do and who you are?


Imagery, Messaging &Tools

  • What makes a good brand?

Lecture and presentation

  • Effective use of branding applied to marketing tools

Discussion and analysis

Q & A



This workshop is part of the ArtBox Institute. We’ve redesigned ArtBox to serve artists and professionals in the arts, culture and sciences sectors.

ArtBox will host monthly sessions through June 2018. The program will include a series of stand-alone workshops for artists and creative professionals. You can attend a single event, the whole series, or pick and choose any number topics you want to learn.

ArtBox is a business training and professional development program for creatives, arts administrators and artists of any medium, any age, at any stage of a career. ArtBox is designed to provide tools and resources to navigate the business challenges of the contemporary marketplace. The curriculum is calibrated to provide a professional foundation built on acquiring practical skills for the marketplace, increasing confidence and actively participating in a community.

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