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The content below was updated on March 28.

Resources for Arts and Culture Sector Non-Profits

Flagstaff Arts Council wants to ensure the arts and culture sector has resources and information that are relevant during this time. Here is information from local and national health and arts providers.

Preparation Tips for the Arts and Culture Sector

  • Increase how often frequently touched surfaces are cleaned throughout the day, and make more disinfecting products available throughout your facility.
  • Encourage your staff, volunteers, and visitors to follow recommended hygiene practices; such as following proper hand-washing procedures and covering mouths when coughing and/or sneezing.
  • Investigate remote work policies and practices to minimize employees’ physical interactions while maintaining work continuity. Encourage team members to stay home when not feeling well. Lessen travel schedules.
  • Share information with audiences and patrons on how you are responding, (i.e., sanitizing all spaces and doing so more deeply than usual, and providing more flexible ticket return policies).
  • Consider limiting physical contact, such as looking at tickets rather than physically exchanging them.
  • Review and update your cancellation or closure policies and practices, in case you decide it is best for your institution and the community. Has the policy been communicated to all staff? What might the financial implications be? What do artist contracts say about it? Is your insurance up to date and helpful with these types of events?
  • Plan for operational impact through various scenarios. Actions to prepare for include staffing levels and staff locations; income/expense changes; communicating with staff, board, and audiences; and connecting with authorities to know when to make prudent changes to your operations.

For emergency planning resources including sample stakeholder communications, international artist travel, event preparation, guidance for businesses, and workplace readiness, we recommend the following websites:

Also, be sure to use links and resources provided from credible health sources including:

We hope this information assists you in your preparation. As we continue to watch and prepare for the coming weeks, we will be tracking local response and welcome your questions. Please reach out with updates, questions, and other resources to