A Pledge from Flagstaff’s Culture Sector

Flagstaff’s culture sector is central to the vitality and economy of our community. The health of our patrons, staff, residents, and visitors is paramount, and our sector’s businesses, attractions, nonprofits, and houses of worship were among the first to close because of the current pandemic.

Our Organizations encompass arts, science, faith, education, and culture, and we have a long history of gathering people to experience new ideas, beauty, empathy, and joy; and to learn about ourselves, our community, and our world. To do so safely in this uncertain time, we must rely on facts and commit to thinking differently.

In the spirit of Flagstaff’s scientific and cultural legacy, each of our organizations will use science to guide us. As we reopen, some programs may be “business as usual,” but more likely, we will resume in modified ways that employ best health practices and that enable us to remain connected to all our residents and visitors, especially those marginalized by the pandemic.

As we begin to gather again, we will:

  1. Welcome people to our programs only when we have the resources and evidence-based procedures in place to do so.
  2. Collaborate to employ best practices throughout our organizations.
  3. Be a national model for scientific and creativity-based responses to the pandemic.
  4. Disseminate a common uplifting public health message.

With science, health, and creativity, we agree.


If you represent an art, science, culture, educational, or faith organization that welcomes the public and would like to sign the pledge, visit: https://app.hellosign.com/s/4lGBNPYt