Flagstaff’s First Friday ArtWalk is the most popular monthly event in Northern Arizona! Thousands of patrons gather in historic downtown Flagstaff to see new art in local galleries and businesses and enjoy Flagstaff’s charm. You can participate in the ArtWalk by purchasing a listing and showing art in your venue, or by purchasing an advertisement to reach art patrons.

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ArtWalk Participants – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for ArtWalk?

You can sign up by visiting the page Participate in ArtWalk and submitting your information. You will be prompted to choose which listing level you would like. A regular listing includes your business name, address during ArtWalk, contact phone number and 25- word description. A highlighted listing includes your business name, which is bolded, address during ArtWalk, contact phone number and 25- word description, and logo.

What kind of information should be featured in my listing?

It is best to mention what artists you are featuring and a description of their work. Also include information about special musical entertainment, food or refreshments. If you are celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary or renovation, or providing food and/or beverages, that will also draw audiences to your venue.

How can I submit my logo for a highlighted listing?

You have two options to submit your logo or photo:

1) Upload it using the ArtWalk Sign Up form.
2) Email a high resolution logo to Sarah Downing (sdowning@flagartscouncil.org) by the deadline to be included in the map.

Can I sign up now for future months?

Yes! Sometimes it is easy to forget the deadline and many businesses are signing up for the full year. The Arts Council will keep track of what you have paid for and remind you when the payment runs out. You can choose to pay for 10 months of regular listings at $400 (with the 11th month free!) or 10 months of highlight listings at $600 (with the 11th month free!) Email Sarah Downing (sdowning@flagartscouncil.org), or call (928) 714-7956 to inquire.

How can I make a payment for my listing?

You can pay for your listing when you complete the Sign Up Form on The Arts Council website. If you prefer, you can also call (928) 714-7956 with your credit card information, or mail a check into Flagstaff Arts Council, PO Box 296, Flagstaff AZ 86002.

How far in advance do I need to sign up each month? Why is the deadline over two weeks before the ArtWalk date?

The deadline to sign up is 2 ½ weeks before the first Friday ArtWalk. The timeline is as follows: one week prior to First Friday, the Arts Council will distribute the printed maps to you; one week prior to that we send the map to printer; Monday of that week we require the submissions from you so that the Arts Council can design and proof the map.

What are the benefits to signing up to be included in the map?

Flagstaff Arts Council produces the ArtWalk map monthly to drive business to your venue and showcase local art and artisans. The ArtWalk map is updated each month to showcase the current exhibition and special features that your business if offering. The map is a great way to market your business and have a consistent presence throughout the year. 10,000 copies are printed each month and 8,300 copies are distributed in the Flag Live newspaper. The remaining copies are distributed all around town: to each participating business and local tourist agencies. An online copy is posted to flagartscouncil.org and flagstaffartwalk.com. Many businesses are featured each month on the First Friday ArtWalk facebook page that has over 1,100 fans. Being listed in the map gives you superb marketing value!

Are there sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes, there are! You can promote your business and receive excellent brand awareness through advertising opportunities with the ArtWalk event. We have opportunities for restaurants and bars to become sponsors of the event as well as corporate umbrella sponsors. ArtWalk can provide a variety of sponsor benefits; inquire to find out more and how to make a sponsorship fit your business!

I am an artist and want to display my art during ArtWalk. How can I set this up?

The Arts Council can assist you with suggestions of galleries and businesses to contact. Often, businesses ask us for names of available artists. Although we don’t make the arrangements between businesses and artists, we are very happy to pass information along to help get your work displayed!

How can I get my restaurant or bar listed in the “Restaurant Sponsor” section and what are the benefits?

As a restaurant sponsor you get increased visibility on the ArtWalk map. You receive a highlighted listing each month including your logo. You also will be listed in the Restaurant Sponsor section year round. In addition, you will be featured in the rotating banner at least twice per year! Finally, you will receive announcements during the Downtown Friday Night series on Heritage Square on Friday nights during the summer months. Restaurant sponsors also get posts on the First Friday ArtWalk facebook page and other social media outlets. Email Sarah Downing (sdowning@flagartscouncil.org), or call (928) 714-7956 to inquire.

I want to perform on Heritage Square. How can I be considered? What are the dates and times?

You can fill out an application here. The Arts Council hires performance groups for First Fridays for the Downtown Friday Nights series that runs from May through October between 6-8pm.

What if I want to perform on Thursdays or Saturdays? Who do I contact?

Thursday night performances are coordinated by Heritage Square Trust. You can find more information on their website. Saturday night Movies on the Square are coordinated by the Downtown Business Alliance. You can find out information about performing on their website.

I want to have a booth on Heritage Square. What are the policies?

Up to 10 booth spots are available on Fridays between May and October. Booth spots are 10’x10’ and do not include a table, tent or any other materials. Electricity is not available for vendors. Vendors can distribute promotional materials but cannot sell food, art or other items. Food preparation nor retail are included on the permit. Email Sarah Downing (sdowning@flagartscouncil.org), or call (928) 714-7956 to inquire.

How do I find out information about using Heritage Square for vending or performing in October through April?

To find out information for vending or performing during other times of the year, contact the City of Flagstaff recreation department.

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