ArtBox Curriculum

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The ArtBox Institute’s curriculum is built to provide training in the business side of the arts for artists, creatives, and professionals in the creative field. Students can be at any level or stage of their career: just getting started, mid-career, decades of experience but looking for a jolt, etc. ArtBox is perfect for artists (any genre), staff and board of arts organizations, gallery owners, performers, and anyone who aspires to success in any of these areas.

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ArtBox is designed to be hands-on, interactive learning, where participants practice what they are learning in the classroom. This includes public speaking, website development, event production, artist/mission statements, and group projects.

Curriculum focuses on several primary areas, including:

  • BRANDING: Corporations work exhaustively to calibrate and convey their brand; artists and arts organization administrators must do the same. Artists must know exactly who they are and what they want, and carefully sculpt the messages they send. This presentation, coupled with interactive exercises, moves participants toward recognizing, articulating and crafting their messages.
  • WRITING SKILLS: Artists and organizations need to communicate their message, their story, and their ideas in writing. This series of classes focuses on the fundamentals of clear and effective business writing, storytelling and writing an artist statement. Additional topics include writing for grants, press releases, and crafting a mission statement with snap.
  • VERBAL COMMUNICATION: These sessions use lectures, small group activities and videography to practice and improve interpersonal communications and public speaking.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS: Photography and videography are often the introductory tools for presenting artists and arts organizations’ work to gallery owners, grantors, residencies and competition judges. Photography and video populate arts websites. Learn and practice the fundamentals of taking stronger photographs and shooting video that conveys professionalism.
  • MARKETING & EVENT PLANNING: Participants will learn how to plan, develop, execute and promote a good event. Within groups, students will then plan and produce a culminating project will instructor support.
  • FINANCIAL LITERACY: This series of classes offers an overview and hands-on exercises in bookkeeping, budgeting, tax preparation and financial management. Topics include individual taxes for artists, segregating personal and artistic finances, budgeting for your life and your artistic projects, tips for tracking deductible expenses and a self-employment primer.
  • WORKING THE WEB: Whether technologically savvy or a novice, this workshop helps participants sharpen their online presence to expand audience size and improve marketing and communications. Topics include best practices for social networking and media sharing, e-commerce, building and maintaining a promotional website, and blogs.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS: How do you craft one? Do you need one? What are the most compelling aspects of a strong social media campaign?
  • STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLANNING: Participants learn key business and management skills. Topics include business management, goal setting, communications and negotiation. Additional topics include insurance and legal issues.
  • FUNDING YOUR WORK: This series of workshops will help evaluate a wide range of fundraising opportunities and explain how to tap these valuable resources. Topics include crowdfunding, applying for grants and residencies, working with a fiscal sponsor, preparing the right materials for the right donors, navigating government opportunities, and determining and communicating the real cost of your work.
  • PITCHING YOUR PROJECT: How do you get the media to cover your event or your work? How can you get approval from city or country government for your public art project, or for an event in a public space? These sessions focus on how to navigate these institutions with success.
  • PORTFOLIO REVIEW: The portfolio review is an opportunity to integrate everything learned in the marketing and career planning portions of the program into a portfolio review with representatives from galleries, museums, and granting organizations. Participants will present themselves and their portfolio to multiple reviewers, and receive immediate constructive feedback on their presentation skills.

ArtBox Tuition

artbox-buttonArtBox Institute (ABI) tuition is $750, which includes the course, the retreat, refreshments, and all materials; this covers over 70 hours of contact instruction throughout the course. Payment may be made all at once or in installments. A deposit of $150 is required upon submission of your application. After application and upon acceptance into the program, payment options are:

  • One full payment of $600.
  • Three installment payments of $200 each in December, January and February.
  • Other payment plans may be available (contact John Tannous at 928-779-2300).

Tuition (or payment schedule) must be paid in full and current prior to the Orientation Weekend Retreat on January 16-17, 2016.

Scholarships are available to cover a portion of the tuition cost (up to $500). There is limited availability for scholarships.

If you have questions about the ArtBox Institute and/or these opportunities, please contact Elizabeth Vogler at (928) 779-2300 x109.

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