Classes of 2014 and 2015

Two dynamic groups of artists with an upward trajectory have been part of the ArtBox movement. Congratulations to the Class of 2015 on their recent graduation from the ArtBox Institute!

The Class of 2015 is:

From left to right: David Irvine, Suzanne Stebila, Tristyn Bustamante, Leancy Rupert, Sara Jansen, Kelley Newton, Rebekah Nordstrom, Jayne Lee, Salvatore Yazzie, Rachel Greig, Pam Torbico, Rick Johnson, Fredricka Hall, Bonnie Dent, Debbie Shepard, and Jonathan Liu.

Class of 2015 Web

The Class of 2014 is:

Justin Anderson, Caryn Bopp, Daren Burns, David Dawangyumptewa, Ed Dunn, Heather Kadar, Helen Gorney, Stephanie Haughton, Fume, Ishikawa, Amy Martin, Paul Moore, Chris Norlin, Patricia O’Reilly, Stephanie Peters, Sandy Quintanilla, Carme Ribera, Elizabeth Savage, Jocelyn Shiner, Esther Smith, Helene Stolzenberg, Scott Sweebe, and Tom Williams.