Redesigned. Flexible. Catered to you.

We’ve redesigned the ArtBox Institute to serve artists and professionals in the arts, culture and sciences sectors.

ArtBox will begin its next season in fall 2017, with monthly sessions through June 2018. The program will include a series of stand-alone workshops for artists and creative professionals. You can attend a single event, the whole series, or pick and choose any number topics you want to learn.

ArtBox is a business training and professional development program for creatives, arts administrators and artists of any medium, any age, at any stage of a career. ArtBox is designed to provide tools and resources to navigate the business challenges of the contemporary marketplace. The curriculum is calibrated to provide a professional foundation built on acquiring practical skills for the marketplace, increasing confidence and actively participating in a community.

ArtBox Schedule

These sessions are set to cover:

  • Branding Excellence
  • Grant Writing
  • Website & Social Media Success
  • Photographing Your Art
  • Great Video Production
  • Be a Great Board Member
  • Non-profit Finances
  • Economic Impact of the Arts & Sciences
  • Flagstaff Art & Science Forum
  • Paths to Success for Artists

Some sessions will be free of charge. Some will include low fees to attend. One or two will be longer, in-depth workshops that require a commitment of time and a fee.

The Arts Council is grateful to these institutions for their support of ABI: the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and America West Frames (the 2017-18 program sponsors), the National Endowment for the Arts, the City of Flagstaff, NACET, Coconino County Board of Supervisors, Coconino County Community Services, the Small Business Development Center of Coconino Community College, and Northern Arizona University.

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