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Fires of Change Opens in Albuquerque

2019-01-01T05:32:12-07:00May 30th, 2017|News|

The groundbreaking exhibition Fires of Change, which originated and opened at the Coconino Center for the Arts in 2015, continues to travel the southwest. The exhibition opened this past weekend at 516 Arts, a non-profit art gallery in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. Seven of the ten participating artists attended the opening. Fires of Change remains [...]

Fires of Change

2019-01-01T05:37:09-07:00April 5th, 2016|Past Exhibitions|

Fires of Change is an NEA-funded art exhibition that will explore, through the eyes of artists, the increase of wildfires in the Southwest and their impact on the land. Open September 5 - October 31, 2015.

Fires of Change Catalog Now Available

2019-01-01T05:37:31-07:00January 22nd, 2016|News|

The Flagstaff Arts Council is pleased to announce that a catalog for the Fires of Change exhibition has been published. The catalog features stunningly clear photos of every work of art in the exhibition, and includes statements by each artist, curator Shawn Skabelund and participating scientists. There is also a new Foreword written by Executive [...]

Order the Fires of Change Catalog

2019-01-01T05:37:32-07:00January 22nd, 2016|Uncategorized|

The Fires of Change catalog is now available for purchase online! Fill out the form below to purchase your copy online now, or visit or call the Coconino Center for the Arts. The catalog features stunningly clear photos of every work of art in Fires of Change, and includes statements by each artist, curator Shawn [...]

Fires of Change Opens in Tucson

2019-01-01T05:39:28-07:00November 23rd, 2015|News|

The Fires of Change exhibition traveled in November to the University of Arizona Museum of Art. It opened with a reception on Thursday, November 19, 2015. The exhibition is split into two different adjacent gallery spaces in the Museum. The show looks phenomenal and highlights the artists' work in different ways than what viewers saw [...]

Fires of Change – Virtual Gallery

2019-01-01T05:39:33-07:00November 1st, 2015|Uncategorized|

Fires of Change was on display at the Coconino Center for the Arts from September 5 through October 31, 2015. The exhibition asked viewers to rethink what wildfire means in the West; fire, in its own unique way, is as essential to a healthy forest as is water. Participating artists spent a week in Fire [...]

Fires of Change Reception Photos

2019-01-01T05:39:48-07:00September 20th, 2015|News|

The reception for the Festival of Science, featuring the new Fires of Change exhibition, hosted an audience of 271 people on Saturday, September 19, 2015. All 11 participating artists were in attendance, as well as curator Shawn Skabelund and the team of scientists who helped make the exhibition happen. Talks by filmmaker Kathleen Brennan and [...]

Fires of Change Schedule of Events Posted

2019-01-01T05:40:55-07:00August 16th, 2015|News|

Two full years of planning has gone into the upcoming Fires of Change exhibition. Our team, which includes members of the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, the Landscape Conservation Initiative and the Flagstaff Arts Council, is excited to show Flagstaff what our artists have created. Fires of Change will be part of this year's Flagstaff Festival [...]

Introducing the Fires of Change Blog

2019-01-01T05:41:00-07:00April 6th, 2015|News|

We are pleased to announce the new blog associated with the upcoming NEA-funded art exhibition at the Coconino Center for the Arts, Fires of Change. The blog features writings by each of the invited artists in the exhibition, sharing their reflections and experiences as they prepare new art work for the show. The first two [...]

Fires of Change Blog

2019-01-01T05:41:00-07:00April 6th, 2015|Uncategorized|

The following is the Fires of Change blog, which will feature entries from each of the participating artists in the Fires of Change exhibition. Entries will be made monthly as we get closer to the opening of the exhibition in September 2015. This blog is hosted by our friends at the Landscape Conservation Initiative (LCI), [...]

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