Presented by MOCAF and Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival, the Co-Vids: An Arts in Flagstaff Series is a video series designed to showcase artistic collaboration and build new community relationships in Flagstaff. This video featuring Ballet Folklórico de Colores and Eric Retterbush is the first of a series of videos funded as part of Flagstaff Arts Council’s COVID Recovery Collaboration Grant program made possible by the BBB Art & Science Fund.

From the grant proposal, “the project is a series of 5 videos. Each video will feature as many local artists as possible, collaborating on a piece of art that highlights their creative work. Further, each video will be filmed at a local arts or cultural venue (to highlight our wonderful creative spaces), edited into a long and short version to make them multi-purpose, available to each artist involved to release and use individually, and shared with Flagstaff Arts Council and Visit Flagstaff for promotional use.”

First conceived by MOCAF’s Dre Adauto and Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival’s Dawn Tucker in summer 2020, a full release of the series is scheduled for September 2021.

On May 28th 2021, six cyclists were involved in a collision that resulted in one death and four hospitalizations during a Flag Bike Party event. In an announcement, the project group stated, “this first Co-Vid is being released early to help raise funds in support of the accident’s victims, including Dre Adauto. Featuring Ballet Folklórico de Colores and Eric Retterbush, this collaboration was especially meaningful to Dre and he was the Creative Director onsite for filming. We encourage you to watch and share this video widely, let it spark your creativity, and, if you’re moved to do so, make a donation to the Accident Relief Fund for Flag Bike Party.”

The following GoFundMe is shared on Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival’s YouTube page: