Play Heads or Tails at the 2020 Viola Awards and win big!

Attending the Viola Awards this year and want a fun way to win $500 or more? We are giving away 50% of all proceeds of the Heads or Tails game to one lucky winner.

  • Beads cost $20 each.
  • Price breaks begin at 3 for $50.

If we sell just one set of beads and you are the lucky purchaser… you win $500. Talk about an amazing return on investment AND great odds.

But, we hope we sell a lot more. If we do, you can win a lot more!

If everyone in attendance buys 1 set of beads (e.g. 500 people) you could win $5,000!

Example prize scenarios:

  • $500 worth of beads sold. Prize = $500. That is a 1 in 25 chance of winning $500!*
  • $750 worth of beads sold. Prize = $500.
  • $1,000 worth of beads sold. Prize = $500.
  • $3,000 worth of beads sold. Prize = $1,500! That is a 1 in 150 chance of winning $1,500!*
  • And so on…

*Estimated chance is based on $20 bead cost. Does not account for discounted packages. Actual chances may be slightly lower if discount packages are purchased.

Skip the line and buy your beads ahead of time using the form below. They will be given to you by your table’s captain.

Garrison Garcia

Curious how heads or tails works?

In the second half of the Awards Ceremony, those that purchased purple mardis gras beads will get a chance to stand up and stretch their legs. This entertaining activity will be led by The Foundry’s Garrison Garcia.

  1. Anyone wearing beads stands up and chooses Heads or Tails by placing their hands on their head or “tail”.
  2. Garrison will flip a coin. Everyone that guessed correctly gets to stay standing. Everyone that guessed incorrectly sits down unless they have more than one set of beads. Everytime someone guesses incorrectly, they remove a set of beads.
  3. This process continues until just one person stays standing. The final person standing wins $500 or 50% of the proceeds – which ever is greater!

Purchase Beads in Advance Using the Form Below