For Immediate Release
June 24, 2020

Art, science, faith and education organizations share best practices, common messaging, and focus on science

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona – Flagstaff art, science, faith, education, and culture organizations sign a pledge affirming their commitment to the health and safety of patrons, staff, visitors, and residents during the coronavirus pandemic. The pledge is a result of a taskforce spearheaded by leaders from Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, City of Flagstaff, Kinney Construction Services, and Flagstaff Arts Council. The pledge, an introductory video, and a list of supporting organizations is available at

The pledge speaks to Flagstaff’s scientific and cultural legacies and the desire to be known as a forward-thinking creative community that is taking the pandemic seriously. Each organization pledges to restart public in-person programming only when it is able to implement science-based reopening procedures, to collaborate and share best practices with other organizations, and to share a common uplifting message.

“Flagstaff Arts Council is thankful for the leadership of the organizations that came together to make this pledge possible,” Arts Council Executive Director Jonathan Stone states. “We are happy to bring our marketing support and network of dozens of Flagstaff’s art, science, and culture organizations to the effort. If we work together, we will be more resilient, and our community will be stronger in spite of the pandemic.”

Organizations that sign the pledge are part of an online group to share ideas and coordinate. Occasional meetings are scheduled when the group feels it is appropriate. As of this release, 27 organizations signed the pledge.

In addition to organizations that have signed the pledge, the video produced to introduce the pledge features NAU COVID-19 expert Dr. Paul Keim and Mayor Coral Evans.

“Any organization that welcomes the public and that is dedicated to the enrichment of our community through art, science, faith, education, or culture is encouraged to sign the pledge and join the effort,” says Lowell Observatory executive director Jeff Hall. “As a community that values both art and science, we have an opportunity to not only come up with creative solutions together but also to build confidence in the public that Flagstaff cares about its citizens, visitors, and workforce.”

“At a minimum, we are asking organizations to evaluate what a science-based reopening looks like for them. CDC and local guidelines, for many signers, mean it will not be business as usual for some time,” Stone says. “The group has been incredibly responsive to the ideas and questions of its members which has helped them to adapt and find new ways to viably engage the public.”

The public is encouraged to support pledge signers’ efforts by donating and patronizing however they are comfortable doing so. To learn more about the pledge and supporting organizations, visit:


Flagstaff Arts Council a volunteer-driven nonprofit and is the official art, science, and culture agency of Flagstaff. Its mission is to foster creative opportunity. It is leading community-wide efforts to build resilience, outreach, engagement, and a sense of identity for Flagstaff’s creative sectors. It is most known for the operation of Coconino Center for the Arts, the Viola Awards, First Friday ArtWalk, and the Art & Science Fund grant program which awards nearly $400,000 annually to local nonprofits. In response to the pandemic, it introduced a $100,000 nonprofit relief fund and is evaluating new or expanded programs to help the sectors adapt.


For additional media contacts related to the pledge, please contact the organizations directly or contact Jonathan Stone for specific contact information.

Media Contact:

Jonathan Stone, Executive Director