Flagstaff Arts Council seeks 4 to 8 Community Members to Serve on Advisory Board for Coconino Center for the Arts

New Advisory Board Will Focus on Center Operations, Fundraising, and Programming

Flagstaff, AZ: The Flagstaff Arts Council Board of Directors voted at its April 2020 Board meeting to establish a separate Advisory Board for Coconino Center for the Arts. The decision was motivated by the arts council’s growing efforts to support arts, science, and culture sectors throughout the community.

“The Advisory Board provides critical leadership for ongoing programming at Coconino Center for the Arts. This is even more important during the current pandemic,” said Karl Eberhard, Board President. “As the board of directors continues to emphasize community-wide programming, pandemic recovery, and response, and establishing the creative community brand, the advisory board will complement overarching arts council goals by ensuring the Center is the best it can be.”

The Advisory Board is charged with developing a mission and vision for the Center, guiding its programming, and providing recommendations to the Arts Council Board of Directors and Executive Director on budget and policy. The advisory board is considered a working committee where members are expected to volunteer to support Center operations and programs.

“Flagstaff Arts Council has been synonymous with Coconino Center for the Arts since its founding,” stated Executive Director Jonathan Stone. “Establishing the Advisory Board is the first and most important step to helping the Center maintain its identity as a forward-thinking Center for the Arts while the overarching Arts Council builds awareness around its advocacy, outreach, technical support, and placemaking initiatives.”

Advisory Board members are appointed by the Flagstaff Arts Council Board of Directors. Selected nominees are expected to have experience in CCA program areas, nonprofit management, fundraising, or facility management. CCA program areas include concerts, theatre, visual art exhibitions, and workshops. The board committed to appointing members by its October 2020 meeting, but it may choose to do so sooner if enough qualified candidates are nominated. Between 4 and 8 community members will be initially selected. Interested members should email ccaadvisory@flagartscouncil.org to learn more.