2020 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Music

Tiny Bird has been a staple of the Flagstaff music scene for the last eight years. This past Summer indie rock group debuted their latest full length album Pray for Snake. The group worked hard to produce the record at local recording space in MOCAF (Museum of Contemporary Art Flagstaff) and release the record September 15, 2019. Similar to other releases by the Flagstaff four-piece Pray for Snakes uses satire to showcase how singer/guitarist Eli Katz deals with emotions.  

“No Me Know More” one of the first songs written for the album  is a satirical break up song that pokes fun at all of the strange and comical emotions that people experience when they aren’t happy anymore in a relationship. The instrumentation on the track is pretty upbeat, so the lyrics are deliberately melodramatic and morbid to contrast,” Katz says. “Like most Tiny Bird songs, it’s just a joke. It’s just my way of making fun of a situation so I can move on. Most human emotions and melodrama are pretty silly in hindsight, so it’s empowering to acknowledge the absurdity and make some art out of it.” 

Tiny bird secures this 2020 finalists slot following on their 2018 Viola Awards win for the album Halfway Up the Mountain.

LISTEN to ‘Pray for Snakes’ on Spotify here.

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