2020 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Visual Arts

Two Flagstaff artists, Sky Black and Jacques Cazaubon Seronde, took over the Coconino Center to the Art’s gallery with their journey into two surrealist wonderlands. When entering Black’s exhibit, you are pulled back into your dreamstate from the night before. All of Black’s work is meant to confuse and intrigue. Animals, humans and nature combine themselves in such a way that turns your reality on its side. His paintings range from petite works to large pieces that look as if you could step right into them.

The exhibit was held in the main gallery from August 2

8th to October 19th of this year. On Saturday, August 24th the exhibit had its opening, and there was an incredible turn-out. Friends of both Cazo and Black and lovers of art alike came; totaling around 300 in attendance.

“I’m all about how subjective paintings are. 10 people will look at my paintings and will have 10

different reactions. I purposefully leave my paintings open ended for that reason,” –Sky Black, AZ Daily Sun

Artist’s Statement 

The strange thing about dreams is that they seem normal when we’re in them. It’s only afterwards that we realize how weird it all was. In this show I’ve tried to realize the unexpectedness of dreams while allowing the narrative of each piece to reveal itself. My first rule of paintings is to approach each piece in a way that always allows for interesting things to happen. My second rule is to be interested in many things. This show is about all the fun and weird things that can happen when these themes are combined. 

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