2020 Viola Award Finalist for Community Impact (Organization)

Founded 45 years ago by Phil Gall out of his house and living room, Mudshark Recording Studio has been a Flagstaff institution for almost half a century. In that time, Mudshark has not only recorded the music of great musicians, but also served as a cultural hub, celebrating and supporting local musicians – established and developing. 

Most notably, Mudshark deserves recognition for “The Redifusion,” a “rock potluck” aimed at benefiting local music education. Requiring daunting organization and collaboration, 25 members from 25 different local bands were reformed into 5 original groups for a one-night event on Saturday February 16 to raise funding for struggling music programs at local schools. Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy and Pine Forest School received 100% of the funds raised at the event (more than $1,000). Following the success of the event, Mudshark has stated the intention to make “The Redifusion” an annual event.

By uniting musicians, performers, and songwriters from different genres and disciplines across Flagstaff, “The Redifusion” was able to offer a diverse experience that emphasized the importance of support, inclusion, and collaboration between people from different backgrounds and experiences. 

Mudshark also offers masterclasses to local residents interested in gaining hands-on experience in music recording. In October 2019, Mudshark embarked on an archiving and digitization project, working with musicians and historians to remaster historic music and preserve an important element of Flagstaff history, art, and culture.  

From the community:

Mudshark Recording Studios is a pillar in the music community since 1974. Known for fundraisers that benefit Pine Forest School, FALA, and the Northern Arizona Archiving Project, Mudshark has been a key player in promoting creativity through music. Mudshark Recordings Studio’s first annual charity event, The Redifusion, raised $1500 for the music programs at both FALA and Pine Forest school. As a non-profit 501 (c) entity, Mudshark is able to subsided many local recording projects to make recording accessible to those who may not have the funding to recording in a professional studio. Mudshark partners with The Interference series- an avant garde collection of music.

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