2020 Viola Award Finalist for Community Impact (Organization)

The Flagstaff Foundry is a nonprofit organization that provides a much-needed performance space for Flagstaff artists and entertainers let by Garrison Garcia, a board of directors and a team of volunteers. Offering a monthly variety show that spotlights local talent, the Foundry acts as an incubator and a testpiece, challenging performers to develop new talents, acts, and skills that engage and challenge audiences. Unlike other venues, the Foundry welcomes performers of all experience levels – from seasoned entertainers to new-comers looking for something new and exciting. 

The Flagstaff Foundry is built on collaboration with local residents, performers, and organizations, which helps it to expand its reach to farther corners of the community. The Foundry is supported by volunteer community members, offering everyone a role in developing and shaping performances. In the last year, organizational collaborators with the Foundry have included Theatrikos, Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival, Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase, Pinestories Story Slam, Dark Sky Aerial, and more.

Now in its fourth year of operation (and officially incorporated as a nonprofit in 2018), the Foundry has produced more than 50 monthly variety shows. Free for artists to perform and cheap for audiences to attend, the Foundry offers an accessible space for community members of all ages and experiences, showcasing Flagstaff’s dynamic creative ecosystem. 2019 was a stand out year for the organization as they found their a permanent space to host their monthly performances. 

By focusing on inclusiveness, openness, and diversity, The Flagstaff Foundry offers an important creative space to the local community, helping to foster, incubate, and support the unique arts and culture that make Flagstaff what it is.