2020 Viola Award Finalist for Community Impact (Organization)

Now in its 28th season, the Flagstaff Community Band in a nonprofit music group that provides local Flagstaff musicians with an opportunity to develop their skills, collaborate with a diverse group, and perform for live audiences in impressive venues. The Community Band has 65+ members, 50+ Jr Band members, and sees upwards of 2,000 audience members throughout the year.

In the last several years, the band has doubled in size and embraced increasingly more ambitious musical pieces, projects, and performances – all while preserving its attitude of inclusiveness. Teenagers play beside senior citizens, and seasoned musicians help to guide those that are still learning and growing. 

With more than a dozen free performances each year, there is no impediment to community members who would like to take part in the dynamic and culturally rich performances. Including (but not limited to) the Armed Forces Day Parade, the Fourth of July Parade, and the Memorial Day Ceremony, the Flagstaff Community Band is a fixture at some of Flagstaff’s most popular and meaningful events.

During their fie evening Heritage Square performances each summer, the group is known for providing one to two songs where children can come down from and play rhythm instruments while the band plays.  The band also finishes each Heritage Square Concert with any young audiences members who would like to come up and have a turn conducting part of “Stars and Stripes Forever”

For the past three years, the band has performed a holiday concerts for families at The Orpheum.  This includes a band concert followed by the showing of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” all free of charge to the audience with audience members bringing non-perishable food donations for Flagstaff Family Food Center.  Having 300+ audience members for this event create a real feeling of community at the holidays!

The band also played at Lowell Observatory as part of the community-wide Lunar Legacy celebration. Another free service that the FCB organizes is the recently initiated “Junior Band” program, which offers an inclusive musical environment to younger musicians, acting as a bridge between school years and connecting them with professional musicians and teachers whom they might learn from in an interactive and collaborative environment.

Additionally, the FCB supports local community programs through fundraising events; on July 24th, the FCB performed at Coconino Community College for an event that raised more than $1000 to support Museum Fire first responders and the United Way. The FCB has also helped to form the Flagstaff Alliance of Music Ensembles, which supports community musicians and performing groups throughout Flagstaff.

The Flagstaff Community Band plays an important role in supporting musical and performing culture in Flagstaff, and it does so in a manner that everyone can enjoy.


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Museum Fire Benefit Concert

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