2020 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Music

Recorded from his home here in Arizona, Donivan Berube’s album, EndlesslyWon’t Last for Long, takes its listeners through a journey of jazz and pop rock experimentation. The album covers themes of love and loss with the message that pain does not last forever.  

“It’s both a positive and a negative,” Berube says. “If you’re in the darkness and it feels like it’s going to last forever, you might like to hope that it won’t last for long, but if you’re in the light—the way that I thought I have might have been—then it all falls apart and you have to be thankful for the time that you had.” –Donivan Berube, AZ Daily Sun 

This album was released on September 20, 2019. The project was long awaited after Berube released a couple teaser singles in recent years. The full length includes ‘Love is a Dog from Hell” which secured him as a finalist for the 2019 Viola for Excellence in Music. 

LISTEN to ‘Endlessly Won’t Last for Long’ on Spotify here.


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