2020 Viola Award Finalist for Emerging Artist

Angela Jumawan Cossette is undelinablely passionate about her craft. She claims “Art has completely become every aspect of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way” She began experimenting with ceramics almost five years ago after being a strictly 2D artist, and immediately, I fell in love with the medium. 

 Angela is currently a full time licensed tattoo artist living in Flagstaff, with a studio space at NAU for the ceramic post-baccalaureate program. In 2018 she graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting and another degree in Ceramics and has been enthralled with blending the two mediums ever since.

She aspires to create works of art that promote curiosity and feels strongly that curiosity inspires knowledge and wisdom on multiple levels. Angela hopes to inspire people, although different, to come together and relate through art. Ultimately, I would like to be an asset in furthering the popularity of creating, and moreso, raising art and creativity to a higher regard in society.

Artist Statement

“A feeling of oneness and oddity is relevant to most of the art that I create and I feel that many people are intrigued to pay attention to the strangeness, forming a bond with broadening their horizons. My surreal sculptures particularly relate to “the world as we know it,” but then moving that idea into a strange world where it is then obscured i.e. a porcelain sculpture of a realistic proportional hand flipping a coin, but the hand has an extra finger. Or, i.e. a realistic snake coiled up, but it is coiled up in knots and it’s foolishly smiling while it turns blue, like a vein when you cut the flow of blood off to it.”

“I enjoy making unusual art that forces the viewers to partake in a surreal thought. This can be felt beyond ethnicities, classes, and lifestyles because it takes place on an emotive level, which we all share.”

Angela’s work was featured in the 2019 Foundations exhibition at the Coconino Center for the Arts.

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