SPACE BETWEEN is an exploration of two artists with adjacent yet distinctive styles. Both Flagstaff locals, Sky Black and Jacques Cazaubon Seronde (“Cazo”) both strive to create works that are accessible to the viewer while maintaining an endowment of the unexpected. Whether this breach of expectation comes in the form of figures and foliage emerging from the paint itself, or surreal combinations of animals and humans, both painters commit themselves to the process of creating quality handmade images.  

Drawing from reserves of life experience, human form, and nature, Cazo places his subjects within dramatic, colorful brush strokes and bold painterly scenes. The color and shapes alone in his paintings are enough to beg for a closer inspection.

Sky, on the other hand, combines familiar elements of figures, animals and pop culture themes in surreal ways to play with our expectations of the everyday. Drawing influence from classical painters and modern masters, he is fastidious in attention to detail, realism, and story telling.

Together they will combine to fill a space with new works that invoke elements of beauty, human emotion, the collision of humankind and nature, the strange and beautiful, and much more.

An Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, August 24, 6–8pm.
SPACE BETWEEN will be open August 28 – October 19, 2019.

Sky Black Artist Bio:

Sky Black is an oil painter and muralist born in Flagstaff. He has been collected internationally, painted two murals in Europe, and maintains, along with Mural Mice, the largest mural in Arizona. Within his work are themes of classical influence that mix with future-retro inspiration. His paintings juxtapose animals and humans into strange and unexpected scenes.

Jacques Cazaubon Seronde Artist Bio:

The larger, older, world. Forgive me for feeling some sort of miss guided sense of pride when I say “our home”. I hope that my bones can forgive my flesh and my heart forgive my mind. That the Mountains and Canyons forgive my arrogance. And my arrogance forgives my need for humility. This land is stolen. from the simple and unhuman beauty of being. Our home has been Ripped apart and it’s Sea’s named. The Mountains have been mapped and flagged. I know the universe and is indifferent to my desires. I know this, but I refuse to remember. May my story diffuse into gray. May my Pride be forgiven and forgotten by the larger older, world. Jacques earned his BA from Laguna College of Art and Design in luguna Beach, CA and School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, MA. Lives and Works in Flagstaff AZ, as an Artist, and CoDirector For MOCAF (Museum of Contemporary Arts Flag).