Main Gallery Exhibition Application Form

Use this form to apply for an exhibition in the Main Gallery of the Coconino Center for the Arts. DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 21, 2019. Please note: an application fee is due upon completion of this form.
  • Please describe the artistic theme of the exhibition. What message or artistic intent binds the proposed artwork together as a cohesive whole?
  • Please describe the physical art works (size, media, layout, etc.) to be included in the exhibition. If the art to be included is not yet determined, describe what art is anticipated to be shown.
  • Upload a Bio, CV or resume for key artists. If the participating artists are not selected yet, upload Bio, CV or resume for the proposed guest curator.
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  • Submit images of work to be exhibited. If art is not yet selected, submit representations of similar art that fits the exhibition theme. Please include a work sample list as a separate document detailing title, media, size and date completed. Limited to a maximum of 14 files and a total of 10MB.
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  • If you are unsure of the artists that will be included, simply write "Not Yet Determined," and your answers to the Exhibition Theme and Exhibition Content questions above should include a statement about why artists are not yet selected.
  • Do you envision artist talks, educational events, or other themed programming to accompany the exhibition? We typically host an opening reception for all new exhibitions.
  • The Main Gallery at the Coconino Center for the Arts is 4,000 square feet in a rectangular shape. Will you utilize all this space?
  • Please list anticipated costs associated with the exhibition. DO NOT list costs associated with promotion, reception, or hanging of artwork (in typical formats). DO list costs, if they are anticipated, associated with shipping, special equipment, travel, etc.
  • Are there sources of funding that can support costs associated with this exhibition? This could include grant funding, donors, business sponsors, artist in-kind donations for travel or shipping, etc. It is NOT required to have funding in place to be considered.
  • Submitting your application will take you to a payment page through PayPal. You can pay with PayPal or with a credit card through PayPal.
    Price: -$25.00
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.