Local Color is an art exhibition borne of connections.

Joe Cornett Sr.

Artists and members of the community have selected and invited the 16 Flagstaff based artists who are featured in Local Color 2019, a biennial exhibition at the Coconino Center for the Arts. The exhibition will feature a diverse range of styles and media from these local artists, including ceramics, paintings, sculpture, photography and more.

An Opening Reception will take place on Friday, June 14, 6–8pm.
Local Color will be open June 18 – July 27, 2019.

2019 Participating Artists:

  • Kait Arndt
  • Yoa Bo
  • Lydia Chase
  • Joe Cornett Sr.
  • Joe Cornett Jr.

    Jason Hess

  • Jesse Cornett
  • Miranda Delgai
  • Edward Haswood
  • Jason Hess
  • Talaina Kor
  • Paula Rice
  • Hailee Sattley
  • Cazo Seronde
  • Sydney Smith
  • Victoria Vick
  • Peter Wilson

Here’s how the artists were selected for Local Color:

  • Four artists were invited to be the core artists:
    • Each of these four artists invited three more artists (4 artists x 3 artists = 12 artists)
    • Those 12 artists plus the core 4 plus equals 16 total invited artists

The only rules were that participating artists must be locally-based, and cannot have participated as an artist in past Local Color exhibitions (2014 or 2016). Through this process, each artist has a connection to every other artist, forming a network web of local talent, separated by only a few degrees.

There is no jury, no curator, and no prospectus, and Arts Council staff did not have a vote. This show is about local artists deciding what other local artists should be showing art at the Center.