2019 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Music

Tha ‘Yoties are a Reggae/Rock band from Flagstaff, IrieZona. The band is notable for their lively performances, catchy melodies, and conscious message. Their signature’IrieZona Reggae-Rock’ sound is greatly influenced by the cultures and concerns of the Native American populations of the Four Corners region. Through the universal language of music, Tha ‘Yoties are howling in the desert to raise conscious awareness for the plight of the indigenous people and lands of the Colorado Plateau.

On Saturday, June 30th, 2018, Tha ‘Yoties released their self titled Album, ‘Yoties, at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff, AZ. ‘Yoties’ is a collection of ten reggae/rock songs that focus on issues related to the indigenous people and lands of the Colorado Plateau. For example, ‘Don’t Worry Be Hopi’ summarizes the history of the Hopi from mythic past to present struggles with the industrial mining community. ‘Freedom Song’ is the story of the Pueblo Revolt in which the Tewa, Hopi, Keres, Tiwa, Zuni, and Towa nations of New Mexico and Arizona freed themselves from the inquisitional rule of Spain in 1680. ‘Brown in This Town’ addresses racial profiling and relates ‘Yotie’s singer, Ed Kabotie’s own experience of being arrested in Coconino County. ‘The River’ is an award winning song that cries out for North America’s most endangered river, The Colorado. ‘Yoties’ was recorded by Bill Palmer at Frogville Studios in Santa Fe, NM, and features the talents of Alec “Xoi-Wolf” Tippet on lead guitar, Hunter Eagleman RedDay on Bass, Andrew “djSOE” Baker on drums, and Ed Kabotie on guitar/vocals

Opening the event was The return of Twin Rivers. featuring Kabotie and lifelong friend/collaborator, Adrian Wall. The supporting band was New Mexico reggae/rock sensation, INNASTATE, featuring Kabotie’s son, Rylan on bass and vocals. A portion of all ticket sales was set aside for an emerging artist award to be awarded at the Museum of Northern Arizona in honor and remembrance of Tha ‘Yoties dear friend, renowned artist, Bahe Whitethorne Jr. Hopi Radio, KUYI, was the recipient of funds raised by a fine art raffle at the show to support non-profits that carry the message of the plight of the indigenous people and lands of the Colorado Plateau.

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