2019 Viola Award Finalist for Emerging Artist

To say Sean Golightly is a musician, journalist, actor, and master of ceremonies would only name a few of his many talents gifted to the Flagstaff community. Golightly’s work has been published on international pages like Storied Hotels and landed his stories on the cover of local favorite, the FlagLive. Golightly has shared his joy and music across the nation on a multi-month bicycle-busking tour, where he biked his guitar and suitcase along the west coast and played tunes on the crowded streets along the way. After settling down in Flagstaff, Golightly began work with the US Forest Service but soon came to make art his full-time career. He is the musical director of the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival and has acted in their shows as well as other plays in town, like the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

A one-man show, you can find Golightly on the streets or stage of your favorite cities with his suitcase acting as a kick drum for his right foot and chime of a tambourine from his left. His high energy performance includes original music as well as familiar tunes from iconic names like Cab Calloway and Sturgill Simpson. Golightly has shared stages with the likes of Creed Bratton, Amy Lavere, and Fruition.

In 2017 Golightly joined the local songbirds, The Canaries, as a percussionist and musician of many hats. The group released their first EP, The Canaries, laterthat year and have since released their first full-length album, A Cautionary Tale, in which Golightly is attributed as one of the group’s songwriters.

Golightly’s time with the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival began with the organization’s rendition of Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love. In this play, Golightly acted as the musical director and performed two of Merle Haggard’s tunes to start off and conclude the play (per the script). Additionally, he provided pre-show entertainment. Golightly was asked to come back on with FlagShakes as the musical director 

for Titus Andronicus, where he wrote an original score incorporating ambient sounds from song-bowls, guitars, andand drums, and provided pre-show entertainment featuring songs by acts like The Decemberists, The Dead South, and Jace Everett. Golightly now holds the position as the sole musical director of the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival.

As a community leader, Golightly has hosted events such as the 2017 Tiny Bird Halloween Bash and the 2018 Adult Prom. Golightly is currently working on an album at MOCAF.

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