2019 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Music

In 2018, Flagstaff musician Donivan Berube released his newest single “So Much for No Mountain.” The release was accompanied by a music video presenting the spirit ofromance as a broken, post-Dharma Bums dystopia. “The recording and filming was a major collaborative effort between many Flagstaff musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and others,” says Berube in his Flagstaff Live feature. A song that originally started out as ‘November Demo’ became a 10-month process, but eventually, it all came together seamlessly.”

“We bleed out on stage despite our performances,” Berube explains. “Relationships can fail despite deep roots in true love. We navigate each day the best we can, and in some way, our decisions hold influence on where that road takes us, but ‘no matter how blue, the sky is just a sky. And no matter how dark, the night is just the night. It’s still the night…’
The video’s ending reflects that similar shift in the song’s structure,
a giving-in to hopelessness.”

Donivan continues to focus on releasing his work as a number of singles toward a full-length album.

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