2019 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Music

David Strackany, known by some as Paleo, is a songwriter, producer, and audio engineer. Strackany made Flagstaff his home in 2015 and has made quite an impact on the community since then. Upon arrival, Strackany worked as one of the primary audio engineers at Firecreek Coffee Co, and since booked and did sound at nearly every venue in downtown, and recorded many of Flagstaff’s best musicians, first at his studio in the Hive, and more recently as co-founder of MOCAF Studios.

Paleo’s ‘The Song Diary’  consisted of writing and recording a song every day for 365 days. In 2018 Strackany released ‘The Song Diary part 2’ which in the same vein released a song each day for the entire year.

The Song Diary II is a peek into the Strackany’s daily life over the course of a year. The first Song Diary (2007) was covered by the likes of Paste Magazine, The Boston Globe, and NPR and even landed Strackany a handwritten letter of congratulations from former Vice President, Dick Cheney. The second project, however, Strackany seems to have done more so for personal growth than another mention on All Things Considered.

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