2019 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Music

DJ Cecil Tso and emcee Colin “Smallz” Haviland of The Boom Box Bros make up the local hip-hop duo CoCec. Though the pair had known each other musically for years they hadn’t originally planned to make music together. When Tso crafted a handful of beats, sent them to Colin who wrote lyrics they realized something was there, and  CoCec was born. (pronounced Co-Sis, a play on the duo’s names and the term ‘psychosis’). The newly formed group released their debut EP, Life Sucks but the Music’s Good on October 5. 2018.

Life Sucks but the Music’s Good
looks at mental health, depression and taking time feel OK in your mind and body.

‘Dopamine’ a single off the EP is a very straightforward reflection of myself, or how I see me. I sometimes get complimented on how happy I am or how I’m always smiling, when the truth is I deal with depression on the daily,” said Haviland. “I have found an outlet that works for me, though it may not work for all of us. This song is about sharing that knowledge. Letting people know how and why I deal with and feel the spectrum of emotions I do.”

“I hope what people take away is that it’s okay to have feelings, and it’s OK to share them,” says Tso. “It’s OK to take your mental health seriously, take of yourselves, and each other. Honesty is a virtue, and we shouldn’t weird about saying what we have to.”

“I just hope people find it relatable,” adds Haviland. “It’s something unexpected and different for current Hip-Hop trends, which I think is much needed.

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