2019 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Visual Arts

In 2018 Chip Thomas, the residents of Arrowhead Village Mobile Homes, and supporters created a beautiful, heart-wrenching installation that powerfully depicted the human costs of a gentrifying town.

The project features a series of photographs taken by Thomas. The images are of the families that once lived in Arrowhead Village, the mobile home park that is being displaced by King’s House, Inc. for future development.

On June 24th, 2019 the Repeal Coalition hosted a reveal celebration as Arrowhead residents walked away from the place that housed many of them for 15+ years.

The art installation demonstrated the power of community and in the end it helped raise $4,450 for the residents via a GoFundMe campaign.

Support from the community:

“I cannot imagine a more powerful public installation – more human, more gorgeous, more painful that reflected back to the Flagstaff community what it is that is otherwise silently going on in our town with vulnerable but vital and contributing members of our community. I am outraged and ashamed these community 48 families were displaced, but full of gratitude at the many people who made this visible, including the members of Arrowhead themselves. Recognizing this work will bring further attention to what happened and help the community develop responses that protect rather than punish our most vulnerable community members. Many had lived for years and years in the community of Arrowhead. This would be a truly powerful thing for the Viola Awards to do.”

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