Many artists around the world attest to it: art has the power to save lives. The arts provide experiences that can transform people’s perspectives and comprehension of the world around them in radically positive ways. It can also fuel self-awareness and empower people to express themselves even when they haven’t had the courage to do so before.

This happens for artists and also for audiences and consumers of all kinds of art. A beautiful and moving performance can bring a person to tears. Music takes us to emotional places that words often cannot. Poetry has the power to move us in dramatic ways.

Art Saves Lives is a juried exhibition of quality artistic black and white photographs that support the theme of the statement above. The show is featured in the Hidden Light Gallery, a 200 sq. foot gallery off the lobby and reception area at the Coconino Center for the Arts.

This juried exhibition awarded cash prizes for Best of Show Girl in the Forest by Andrew Orr, Second Place From Russia with Love by Andrew Orr, and Third Place Into the Light by David Irvine. Art works were considered for acceptance into the exhibition by jurors according to two primary criteria: 1) excellence in artistic quality, and 2) suitability and unification with the stated exhibition theme.

Art Saves Lives is on view September 22nd through December 15th, 2018.


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