• Artist Information

  • PLEASE NOTE: All notifications regarding this application and Fine Craft Sale will be sent via email.
  • Examples of Work

    For this application, please provide up to ten images of art that represents the kinds of art work you wish to sell during the Fine Craft Sale. You don't need to submit photos of the actual art to be sold, but a range of art that gives the jury an idea of the kind of art you wish to sell.
  • Please describe your art and materials, and what you will sell during the Sale. Include all kinds of art you will sell. Is it all made by you? Will you sell any items that are not made by you, or not made by hand?
  • Upload up to 10 photos that show examples of your art and what you will display for sale at this year's Fine Craft Sale.
    Drop files here or
  • I understand that images of accepted art work may be used for promotional purposes. I agree to all terms and conditions as set forth on this page. I understand that the $15 fee included is an application fee, and will not be returned even if I am not accepted for the Fine Craft Sale.