Everyone has experienced the phenomenon of losing something and finding something. The common definition for lost can be something hidden, mislaid, vanished, or forgotten. Finding represents the discovery or recovery of something real or abstract. The artists of Art35N were asked to create an artwork that expresses their own interpretation of this theme. Some of our artists explored the recovery of something lost and discovered through awareness of experience. Others discovered what existed but was not previously known to us. Journeys through lost memories, hopes, or dreams embrace the new and are depicted in the artworks. New techniques and perspectives of familiar places from the Colorado Plateau are portrayed. Finding objects inspired some artists to transform them into works of art.

Lost and Found will be on view in the Hidden Light and Jewel galleries at the Coconino Center for the Arts  June 26, 2018, through August 25, 2018. Showing concurrently with the main gallery exhibition Legacy: Don Bendel there will be a public opening reception for both show on Friday, June 22, 2018 from 6-8pm.

Art 35º North (“Art35N”) was formed with the goal of sharing Fine Art across the Colorado Plateau. By bringing together artists from not only Flagstaff, but also Winslow, Williams, and other nearby towns, Art35N is building a new creative energy. Further, Art35N’s relationship with the Coconino Center for the Arts will share the art and experience of these members with visitors from all over Arizona.

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