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The deadline to apply for Art & Science Fund grants through the Flagstaff Arts Council is March 29, 2018, by 11:30pm Arizona time. Applications must be made online through the Arts Council’s CommunityGrants portal website.

The Flagstaff Arts Council provides grant funding opportunities through the Art & Science Fund for arts, culture and science programs and non-profit organizations on an annual basis. Grants are made possible through funding from the BBB Revenues at the City of Flagstaff.

Three types of grants are available:

General Operating Support (GOS)

ONLY organizations with a mission statement that clearly defines them as arts, cultural and/or science-based institutions are eligible to apply for this funding. GOS applicants must be IRS-approved 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations registered with the State of Arizona that provide a direct public benefit to the community of Flagstaff, as stated in the applicant’s mission statement. All GOS applicant organizations must have a managing board that meets regularly, whose members serve without compensation and are representative of the community they serve.

Professional Development

ONLY organizations applying for GOS or Alternate Year applications are eligible for Professional Development grants. All applicants must meet the requirements of the GOS application program.

Project Support

Project Support grant funding is for non-profit organizations, and departments and schools within post-secondary education institutions, which can apply for funding for arts, cultural or science-based programs that take place in the greater Flagstaff area. Organizations do not need to be arts, cultural or science institutions based on their mission statement; however, the project for which funding is being requested must be an arts, cultural and/or science-based project providing direct public benefit to residents of and visitors to the greater Flagstaff area. These include, but are not limited to, festivals, exhibitions, theatrical productions, concerts, workshops, seminars, performances, and lectures.

There are three types of Project Support applications that will be accepted and eligible for consideration (please see Section II, Eligibility, Who Can Apply, for full descriptions).

1. Art, culture and/or science-based projects proposed by 501c3 non-profit organizations that are not eligible or do not wish to apply for General Operating Support grants. The maximum request is $20,000.

2. Art, culture and/or science-based projects proposed by applicants for General Operating Support, wherein the project is outside the scope of the applicant’s regular programming scope. The maximum request is $5,000.

3. Art, culture and/or science-based projects proposed by departments or schools within post-secondary education institutions. The maximum request is $5,000.

Should applicants have any questions about the Art & Science Fund, Arts Council staff contacts are:

Kris Kosola – kkosola@flagartscouncil.org
928.779.2300 x105

John Tannous – jtannous@flagartscouncil.org
928.779.2300 x101