MAPS: Enigmatic Landscape is a solo exhibition of digital prints by Michael Pierre Price shown in the Jewel Gallery. This exhibition will open with a brunch reception alongside Echoes of Loss, Saturday, April 7, 2018, 11am-1pm. It will be open during regular gallery hours from April 10 through June 9, 2018.

The artist will give an Artist Talk on Friday, May 18, at 5pm is titled The Making Of & Meaning Behind MAPS: Enigmatic Landscape. Price begins with a snapshot of his background in math & physics, experiences in Native American spirituality, career as a game designer, and inspirations that led him to become an artist. The discussion then moves on to the Surrealist idea of enigma and how that inspired the concepts woven into the exhibition and the artwork that was selected. Several prints will be highlighted in discussion to help illustrate the central themes and symbologies running through the show. The talk will then move on to a look behind the scenes of making the art; including quick overviews about fractals, procedural painting, 3D models, composites, and digital prints.

MAPS stands for Mathematics, Art, Physics, and Spirituality. These form the cornerstone of the exhibit, both in the manner of how the artist produced each piece and in the concepts contained within each work. The exhibit is conceived around the notion that each individual piece connects as a map to guide the viewer in the understanding of the central work of art titled, “Enigmatic Landscape”. The artwork is also organized on the gallery walls into three groupings (the ever-becoming present, the remembered past, and an envisioned future) in order to provide further context to the inter-connectivity of the works. As a whole, the exhibit challenges viewers to expand and question their understanding of the world and themselves by exploring the artwork individually and collectively, especially as it relates to the interplay between modern physics and spirituality.

About Michael Pierre Price

Michael Pierre Price was born in the industrial setting of Northwest Indiana, where his mother and grandmother raised him and his younger brother. His youthful love of art and nature was heavily influenced by his grandmother. In college, he pursued a degree in physics, as math and science came easy to him. After three years of studying astrophysics in graduate school, Price decided to pursue game design. Within his 30 years of experience in this field he created numerous toys, video games, amusement park rides, and virtual reality entertainment. In 2010, Price left this career to explore life as a self taught digital artist and fine art printer. His art often expresses his education of science and mathematics, Native American spirituality, and origins of cultures.