2018 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in Music

Tow’rs is a flagstaff based five piece indie folk band that took off in the Flagstaff Music scene in 2013. The band gained a good bit of recognition after winning the Viola Award for “emerging artist” in 2015. With the release of their 2017 album Grey Fidelity, the band has continued to innovate and mature beyond their last Viola-nominated release, The Great Minimum. Tow’rs have also taken their dedication to craft to the next level by putting everything they have into making this record and touring nationally to support it.

Grey Fidelity was produced in 2017 with the guidance and mentorship of Denver-based producer David Wilton, the band pushed the recording—and themselves—to the next level. While the vocal harmonies and thoughtful songwriting of Kyle and Greta remain the core of Tow’rs sound, listeners can also hear cellist/arranger Emma Crisplip, lead guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Kyle Keller, and drummer Ryan Smith digging deep in search of greater nuance on this record. The result is a rich, layered sound more definitive and cohesive than previous releases.

Tow’rs held a album release show for their third album Grey Fidelity on  March 2 at the Green Room in Flagstaff.  During the release party, the summer’s concert at the Arboretum, and their most recent performance to a full house at the Coconino Center for the Arts, Tow’rs proved they could pull off that richly-layered sound live without compromising the dynamic range of high energy and whispered humility that first earned them an audience in Flagstaff.

Tow’rs have spent most of the last year touring across the country to support their music—with full band, toddler, and now new baby in tow—playing dozens of venues from small town coffee houses to major music festivals and impressive venues like the knitting factory in Brooklyn.

“Grey Fidelity is a timely album of introspective, vulnerable songs that revolve around the concept of devotion and hope during uncertain, tumultuous times. Bandleader Kyle Miller believes that by “diving into the darkness of ourselves in our art it can reveal light and help us move forward.”

Husband-and-wife team Kyle and Greta Miller took a great risk financially to make and promote the record without the support of label, raising funds through a crowdsourcing campaign and tapping out their personal savings for the rest. “There was no going back and it was scary to be without a plan B if the record tanked,” Kyle says. “ We continue to put it all on the line. We always say anything worth doing is worth failing at.”

The album has earned a number of positive reviews. As Savannah Davanzo wrote earlier this year for Elmore Magazine, “The minds behind Tow’rs do not make just music, they make poetry. They write stories. They share lives. Grey Fidelity drips with care, warmth, and sensitivity. This is an album that breaks hearts then puts them back together again, gentle movements of aching rhythms spilling into soft harmonies, creating a gorgeous unity unrivaled by most indie bands.”

About the Album:
The grey inconclusive nature of life felt paralysing at times this year. In the midst ofliminal spaces, fidelity was a recurring hope where there weren’t conclusions. And though we often operated out of a grey area of knowledge, it became an ongoing observation that fidelity to hope seemed more important than having answers. Fidelity to our marriages seemed more important than being right or getting our way. Fidelity to vulnerability seemed more important than protecting ourselves from the inevitable pain of community. Fidelity to social justice and human rights seemed more important than protecting our image or privilege. Our hope for these songs is to invite you not into certainty, but into devotion to hope. A place we tried to operate in despite not being able to know or see the full outcome of that devotion.

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