2018 Viola Award Finalist for Excellence in the Visual Arts

The Mural Mice (Mural Mice Universal artists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar) completed eight murals during 2017 in and around Flagstaff: the Bushmaster Park Mural, Summit High School Mural, Flagstaff Visitor Center Train Mural, Route 66 Shield at Flagstaff Visitor Center, the Milligan House Mural, Grand Canyon Spirits Mural, Tuba City Public Library, and Mount Elden Middle School “Gallery of Life” mural.

The Bushmaster Park community mural is located on the public restroom at the eastern end of Bushmaster Park, 3150 N. Alta Vista Dr. The City of Flagstaff’s Beautification and Public Art Commission BPAC sponsored the project with BBB revenue. The Mural Mice were chosen from a handful of artists responding to a request for proposals (RFP) from the city. The RFP called for a team of artists to conduct the community in a paint-by-number mural effort.

The Mural Mice specialize in community murals, and a location like Bushmaster Park in the middle of summer is ideal for such a project. Over 300 members of the community participated in the painting of the new mural, and hundreds contributed their thoughts and ideas to the project. The Mice spent two weeks in the studio pouring through feedback and drawing dozens of sketches. They asked the community to tell them which ones they liked best and the Mural Mice delivered their recommendations to BPAC.

Artists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar began work on the Ghost of Mabel Milligan in early May 2016. The Milligan House at (323 W. Aspen Ave. in Flagstaff Az.) is on the National Register of Historic Places and regarded as haunted by many. The project is the brain child of COF Marketing and Public Relations Manager Trace Ward. Ward’s vision is to proudly display a life sized mural of Mabel ascending the stairs. The stairs will lead to a gallery of Mabel murals and become a featured attraction for the annual ghost walk tour.

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