Ed George was honored with the Viola Legacy Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Arts and Sciences at the 2018 Viola Awards Gala on March 3, 2018.

Ed George was a prolific cinematographer living in Flagstaff Arizona who unexpectedly passed away on Feb. 25, 2016 from a heart attack. Ed moved to Flagstaff in 1988 and worked primarily on films about the Grand Canyon, Colorado River trips, and Southwestern wildlife.  Some of his film credits include: “Wrenched,” a Viola Award-nominated film about environmental activist, Edward Abbey, “Dune,” “A River Runs Through It,” and “Executioner’s Song.”

Locally, he had recently completed the film, “Chasing the Light.” The film chronicled the journey of a group of artists (including Viola Award winners Bruce Aiken, John Running and Dave Edwards) down the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon. The film captured the creative spirit of the artists in moments of inspiration.

Ed completed his MFA in Film and Television from Carnegie Mellon University in 1976.  After working as a production assistant on the historic documentary “Woodstock”, he filmed extensively in Central and South America, Australia, India, Vietnam, China and parts of Africa and Europe.  Ed has also filmed in wild and scenic places for National Geographic, Discovery, BBC and NHK.


Ed was known as an adventurous spirit, who filmed in the heart of the action, and allowed his stories to come alive to viewers.  Ed had a great skill in filming outdoors, with a passion for the wild places on earth.  Friends and loved ones were distraught with the news of his passing, gathering for celebration of life events to share stories and reminisce about their friend, Ed “Shred”, as he was affectionately known.

Ed was involved in numerous local and international environmental projects, with a mission to raise awareness about natural places at risk.  He also was a committed member of the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, where he showed many of his films and mentored young filmmakers.


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