2018 Viola Award Finalist for Community Impact (Individuals)

Dawn Tucker is the founder and Executive Director of the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival. To get FlagShakes off the ground, Dawn dedicated the past three years of her life to directing shows, acting on stage, managing the company, attracting both local and distant artistic talent to the festival, and coordinating with local venues, non-profits, and educational institutions.

The festival has brought Shakespeare to Flagstaff in a big way. For each of the past three summers, FlagShakes has presented professional Shakespearean theater in a variety of venues in Flagstaff including the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Arboretum at Flagstaff, Coconino Center for the Arts, and The Orpheum. Under Dawn’s direction, FlagShakes also brought Shakespeare to over 600 students in two years, including students from Title 1 schools. Dawn has fostered a mission in which FlagShakes supports and collaborates with other non-profits including Theatrikids, Dark Sky Aerial, and The Flagstaff Foundry.

As Executive Director, Dawn is always eager to address the need for increasing empathy and bridging gaps in social understanding through the plays chosen for each season. The 2017 plays focused on women finding agency and making an impact. In 2018, FlagShakes’ plays will look at what happens when a segment of society is disenfranchised and how oppression pulls a whole society apart.

Having grown up in Flagstaff, Dawn’s lifelong dream has been to bring her passion for Shakespeare to her beautiful hometown. Dawn has a Master’s Degree in Shakespeare in Performance from the American Shakespeare Center in partnership with Mary Baldwin College. Dawn is thrilled to see her dream realized with the overwhelming support and enthusiasm of the Flagstaff arts community, without which this dream could never have come to fruition. She is thankful most especially to the audiences who make Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival not only possible, but meaningful.

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