Viola Nomination Form (updated Jan18)

The deadline to submit nominations is Monday, Nov. 26, 2018.
  • Name of individual, group, business or organization that you are nominating.
  • This is REQUIRED for nominations in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Storytelling. Nominees are recognized for a project completed and/or presented in 2018 to the community. Examples of projects are: an art exhibition, work of art (or series of works of art), public art work, performance, album, book, film, series of events, or other. You do not need to fill out this category for other nomination categories.
  • If you know the email address for your nominee, please include it here.
  • If you know the phone number for your nominee, please include it here.
  • If the nominee or project has a website, page, or Facebook event or page, please list it here. Additional links can be added below.
  • The person writing this nomination
  • In case we need to contact you about this nomination
  • You will receive confirmation of your nomination at this address.
  • You can make this brief or as long as you like. The better case you make, citing specifics reasons why your nominee is deserving of a nomination, the better chances the Panel will select them. If you can include specific achievements, awards, recognition or other noteworthy accomplishments, please do.
  • Please add links to more information. Helpful links are artist event pages, videos, news articles, or event listings on third party websites (such as Flagstaff365 or AZ Daily Sun).
  • Upload photos, posters, programs, printed materials, letters of recommendation, or other files that support your nomination. PLEASE NOTE: for educators, at least one letter of recommendation from a professional in the education field is REQUIRED. Max file size: 50MB.
    Drop files here or
  • Please list other individuals (other than the nominee) who may be able to provide information about this nomination, if applicable. Provide full name, email address, and phone number.