2018 Viola Award Finalist for Emerging Artist  

Over the course of his  junior year of high school, Daniel Stigmon wrote and composed a completed a full musical production. The work titled “Average Joe” included over 20 original songs and 1200 pages of orchestrations.

As a senior a Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, Daniel Stigmon set out to dramatize the story he crafted and if that wasn’t enough he set it all to music (all original compositions). This was no small undertaking from the story to the music composition, from casting and rehearsals, Daniel was intimately involved in every aspect of this amazing story that was anything BUT average. Daniel had assembled and led a production crew, musicians, choreographers etc. More than 30 actors, dancers, and musicians—from schools across Flagstaff— make up the cast.. This was a show for teens, by teens and directed by teens all around.

The show was performed May 12th-14th, 2017. There were four sold out performances at Theatrikos Theatre Company, four standing ovations and a multitude of press and honors confirmed that all his hard work had paid off. His dream had become a reality and what an amazing dream it was.

Support from the community:

“I feel like this needs to be reiterated…He was ONLY 18 years old! I think this is the very definition of the “Emerging Artist” category.” 

“He is and incredibly hard working young artist who sacrifices everything for his art. The quality of the music he writes is simply astounding, he deserves this award because he is dedicated to his art and his community.” 

About the Musical: Our “Average Joe” grew up with wealthy parents who showered him with money yet denied him the love he yearned for. With the unexpected death of his parents, Joe rejects his family inheritance and decides to start his life over by living on the streets. He meets Noah, a kind homeless woman who shows him what life is like on the streets. She helps him gain back his identity and self-worth. Joe goes through a rebirth of sorts, and finds himself as a successful business person, and realizes the people around him want what he rejected.

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