The non-profit arts and sciences mean big business for Flagstaff. The new study, Arts & Economic Prosperity: the Economic Impact of the Non-ProfitArts & Sciences in Flagstaff, Arizona, was published in September 2017 by Americans for the Arts with local data collection by the Flagstaff Arts Council. The study shows that locally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry has an annual impact of $90 million for Flagstaff’s economy.

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Arts & Economic Prosperity is Americans for the Arts’ fifth study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry’s impact on the economy. It is the secondstudy Flagstaff has participated in and documents the economic contributions of the arts in 341 diverse communities and regions across the country, representing all 50 states. The local study included 50 arts, science and cultural non-profits with a 90% participation rate for organizations in the sector.

Beyond the big picture number of $90 million, there are other key figures that the study highlights. This activity supported 3,035 FTE jobs in our community. It also shows that tourists pump $20.6 million into the local economy every year thanks to local arts and science events. Per-person tourist spending in Flagstaff is $86.87, which is almost double that of comparable cities ($46.22 pp) and the national average ($47.57). The study has also shown growth in the sector from the last study that was produced in 2012, and showed an overall impact of $73 million.

“Flagstaff is growing,” said John Tannous, Executive Director of the Flagstaff Arts Council, “and the non-profit arts & sciences contribute heavily to local economy. This study demonstrates that Flagstaff needs increase its investment in this sector to build infrastructure to support that growth.”

The study also shows a return on investment for local government. The non-profit arts and sciences sector generates over $4.6 million in city and county tax revenues each year. The City of Flagstaff, which invests about $500,000 in non-profit arts and sciences programs, and Coconino County, which invests about $250,000, each realize a strong return. Another $4.3 million is generated every year in state tax revenues.

Tannous unveiled the study results with a presentation and panel discussion at NAU’s Ashurst Auditorium on Wednesday, September 13. The title sponsor of the project is College of Arts & Letters at Northern Arizona University with major support from the City of Flagstaff’s BBB Revenues. For more information about the study click here.

Visit the Economic Impact page for more information >

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