• Open Figure Drawing Sessions                         
    September 18th – November 6th (Mondays) | 6am – 9pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    The Arts Council will host open sessions for artists to draw from a live model in the main gallery at the Coconino Center for the Arts.The eight-week series is for those artists who would like to practice drawing or other art working from a live model but do not wish to have instruction. READ MORE > 

  • Stone Balancing
    September 24th | 9am – 12pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    The workshop will be hosted by instructors, Douglas Case and Pieter Schaafsma  teaching people the art form of stone balancing as well as how to photograph these fleeting natural creations.The dynamic, hands-on presentation will leave participants eager to create their own unique balances and capture the moment with a photograph before the work of art falls and becomes a part of the landscape again.  READ MORE>

  • Flagstaff Arts and Science Forum
    October 2nd | 1pm – 5pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    The Flagstaff Art & Science Forum is a gathering of professionals, Board members, artists, promoters, and educators working in the arts, culture, and/or sciences field in the greater Flagstaff area. The purpose of the Forum is to bring together these individuals and organizations to discuss and address shared interests and issues that we all face in doing our work in this community.     READ MORE >

  • Painting in the Wild
    October 7th | 12pm – 7pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    Painting In the wild colors of fall,  art meditations with a beginning mind, is a day-long guided exploration of abstractions evoked by wild nature settings with creative meditations in water soluble oil painting.  READ MORE >


  • Long Form Improv Comedy  
    October 12 – November 16 (Thursdays) | 6pm – 9pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    Six-week series of Long- Form Improvisational Comedy Workshops with Garrison Garcia. This workshop is designed to provide the participant with a thorough overview and foundational knowledge of longform improvisation concepts, no prior experience is necessary for enrollment. READ MORE >

  • Fall Colors Photography
    October 14th | 12pm – 6pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    Learn to capture the fall colors of the San Francisco Peaks with instructor Abe Snider. Upon arrival in the early afternoon there will be instruction on best practices before hiking to several nearby locations for a variety of captures. The workshop is geared for the intermediate level photographer.  READ MORE >


  • Thriving Artist Workshop with Antoinette Cauley
    October 28th | 9am – 4pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    The Thriving Artist Series was developed by Phoenix based visual artist Antoinette Cauley as a tool for artists looking to go from working full time corporate jobs to becoming a full time working artist. The series gives a well rounded understanding of what it takes to run a successful art business and maintain a steady income independently as an artist.  READ MORE >


  • Figure Drawing with Instruction
    November 13th – December 18th | 6pm – 9pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    This is an opportunity to study figure drawing with personal instruction from award-winning artist, Shawn Skabelund. The workshop consists of 6 three-hour sessions drawing from a live model. Shawn will lead the class through a number of exercises to develop an understanding of the human figure, and lay the ground work for further development outside the course.  READ MORE >


Still a few spots left in our Summer Workshop Series:


  • Watercoler & Watersoluble Graphite Workshop
    September 9th | 9am – 1pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts

    Tips and techniques will be provided to help participants create engaging paintings from their own photographs. Participants will be using watercolor and the information covered will be applicable to all color media used.  Participants will learn to transfer their images to color selections that enliven a painting.  READ MORE >