• Hot Topics Cafe: What Barriers Should Art Break?
    Thursday, May 4th | 6 – 7:30pm
    Coconino Center for the Arts|

    At museums and galleries, we’re often told: Do Not Touch. We’re meant to observe art, not affect it. What happens when we dismantle the boundaries between artist, observer, and object? What’s gained or lost? What other divisions should art help break down? We’ll begin with a panel discussion of these issues featuring a local artist, a curator, and a philosopher.

  • A Day With Clay Workshop                              
    Saturday June 3rd -OR- 10th | 10am – 3pm
    Joni Pevarnik Studio

    Participants are invited to spend a day in the clay studio making their own clay pieces with veteran potter Joni Pevarnik. The first part of the day will be demonstrations of work made on the potters wheel, slab building and hand-building techniques. The second part of the day will give participants the opportunity to make their own work using the techniques that they saw in the morning. READ MORE >