Hope and Trauma - Artists' Submission Form

Please use this form to share your in-progress or completed works of art for consideration to be included in the 'Hope and Trauma in a Poisoned Land' exhibition at the Coconino Center for the Arts.
  • If you are submitting more than one work of art, please include the first title here and subsequent titles in the next field.
  • Please upload photos of in-progress or completed works of art for consideration. You may alternatively upload drawings of proposed works, videos, or other documents that will help the curators understand what you are presenting. (Note: some videos may be too large to upload, so a link is better to include in the next field)
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  • Please include the type of work, size, materials used, and other pertinent information that describes the physical art work itself. Also include additional titles and total number of art works, if more than one. Do not address theme here - see the next field.
  • You may optionally use this field to include a thematic statement (it doesn't need to be final; we won't publish it), or other information about the art work you are submitting.