Altared States: Symbols, Relics, and Totems showing in the Jewel Gallery at The Coconino Center for the Arts is a celebration of, and peering into, the mysteries of the junction where art and spirituality merge. Flagstaff based artists Elizabeth Bonzani and Tanner C. Jensen will create nine altars that delve into the universal symbolism, myth, and lore of eight animals, culminating in a triptych celebrating the earth. Each of the altars will consist of a handcrafted shelf, ceramic vessel, and vertical mixed media painting.

Elizabeth Bonzani crafts stoneware vessels for the hearth and home. She often incorporates wood, antlers, and crystals in her pieces. Her deepening Reiki practice influences her work, which is an invocation of her feelings about, and relationship with the natural world around her. Her work evokes mountains, verdant valleys, crystalline pools, and ancient temples beneath star-strewn skies.

Tanner C. Jensen is enthralled by horses. Their strength, their grace, their beauty— the sheer joy expressed through their movement sends her reeling. This is why she use the visage of the horse as my gateway to deeper meaning. The expression of her gratitude and love — the asking of unending questions through brush and color — gives her boundless joy and the deepest satisfaction.

The Coconino Center for the Arts’ Jewel Gallery is located at 2300 N. Fort Valley Rd.  The gallery is open on Tue-Sat. 11 am- 5 pm, Altared States will be on display from April 11 – May 27. The exhibit reception takes place on Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 6 pm- 8 pm, and is free and open to the public.