2017 Viola Award Nominee for Excellence in Storytelling

In A New Form of Beauty: Glen Canyon Beyond Climate Change, writer Peter Friederici and photographer Peter Goin present Glen Canyon and Lake Powell as the quintessential example of the challenges of perceiving place in a new era of radical change. They tackle science from the viewpoint of art, creating a lyrical exploration in words and photographs.

Peter Friederici explains that the quintessential landscape of climate change lies in the Colorado Plateau: it’s Lake Powell, where no one can be sure what will be land, what water. In collaboration, Photographer Peter Goin and Friederici have created a beautiful book about a place where beauty itself is a question mark.

By motorboat and kayak, the two have ventured into remote corners of Glen Canyon to pursue profound questions: What is this place? How do we see it? What will it become?

Contemplating humanity’s role in the world it is creating the two ask if the uncertainties inherent in Glen Canyon herald an unpredictable new future for every place. They challenge us to question how we look at the world, how we live in it, and what the future will be.

A New Form of Beauty is published by the University of Arizona Press. Peter Friederici is an award winning environmental journalist who directs the Master of Arts in Sustainable Communities Program at Northern Arizona University.

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